Wednesday, June 20, 2001


First, I want to thank two people: Meagan, and Rob, who both told me about this Blogger thing. Thanks.

I've been talking about raccoons a lot lately, so the story that's been on the front page of the London Free Press for the last few days really caught my attention. Apparently a roofer was working on a roof, and came across a raccoon. He then beat it with a hammer and dropped it off in a dump far away, leaving its four babies with no mother. He said he did it because a raccoon had bitten him a few years ago. Now, obviously, this pisses me off. Raccoons are smart smart as some primates...and personally I think killing a raccoon is almost as bad as murder (if not just as bad). Also, if this guy can do that to a raccoon, what's stopping him from doing it to a person? He better spend some time in jail.

This reminds me of a story I heard in the news a few years ago. Some teenagers in a pickup truck were driving along, and were seen throwing a puppy out of the window. A witness heard them say "bounce, baby, bounce" as they drove away. GRRR. Whenever I need to make myself angry (e.g. when working out, to give me a little boost of energy), I just think of that, and I'm angry.

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