Sunday, January 20, 2002

Music Controls You

So I was thinking yesterday. I usually try to avoid thinking, but yesterday I decided to make an exception. Anyway, I was thinking about music, and how much music I listen to. Think about this: I get up in the morning, and often turn on my stereo to listen to the radio for a few minutes as I wake up. Then I go watch TV while I eat breakfast, usually one of the 683 music stations I now get. I get ready and go to school and/or work (they're the same place for me), listening to my discman on the way there. When I get there, I work at the computer while listening to my discman some more. If I have a class, I take a brief break from music...phew. Then I walk home with my discman again, maybe play some video games (with background music, of course), then eat dinner. After dinner, I usually go out to some public place, where there is always the omnipresent background music. Sometimes I'll go to a movie, with its musical score blasting (except in the quiet parts). Then I get home, put on my stereo again, and fall asleep. I didn't mean to bore you with the details of my day, but my point is that I'm listening to music for most of my waking hours. Maybe you do too. It's weird that we don't get sick of hearing music. Most of it is the same....just a beat of a certain speed, with some other sounds swirling around it. Yet it always sounds good. Or maybe it doesn't....maybe we're just addicted to it, so we're compelled to listen to music whenever possible.

Nah, not true. I'm happier now that I'm listening to music than I was 30 seconds ago as I wrote that paragraph in silence. So, it really is worth it to surround myself with music. Yay. (And if you were wondering, I'm listening to Five For Fighting's song "Bella's Birthday Cake." Good song.)

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