Wednesday, February 13, 2002


So today I got my graduation picture taken. I've always thought these things were questionable. Nobody looks good in them, because they're not really smiling. It's a fake smile, like when somebody tells a bad joke but you don't want to insult them so you smile anyway. You use different muscles when you perform a fake smile vs. a real smile, and fake smiles look like crap. I think there should be photographers that you can hire to stalk you for a few days, and take pictures of you when you're really smiling and you think nobody's looking. Those would look much better.

Telekinetic Weirdness

Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking about my email account and how I hadn't checked a certain email address (my UWO one) in a while. I am able to check my UWO mail from my Hotmail account with the click of a button, and I was already logged into Hotmail. So, I closed the message I was reading with the intention of checking my UWO mail immediately after that. However, I didn't even need to click the button; Hotmail went immediately to my UWO email. It's as if Hotmail knew what I was thinking and went to the correct address for me. This has never happened before, and it happened to happen (whoa, too many happens) right when I was thinking about it. I'm quite baffled, and it's stuff like this that makes me want to study parapsychology.

Update: When I actually did click to get my UWO email, it didn't work...some settings were wrong. So, somehow, Hotmail got the settings right and then checked my email for me, before I even knew what the right settings were. As Joey from Blossom would say, "whoa." **

** Or Keanu Reeves, for those who don't remember Blossom.

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