Tuesday, April 06, 2004

More Fun With Evil Corporations

Never sign up for MoviesForMe. I signed up for their free two-week trial about a month ago. It was going well...I recieved a bunch of movies and everything was going peachily. Then my two-week trial was almost up, so I looked for the "cancel" button so I wouldn't be charged for it. But there was no cancel button. The help files directed me to two different places, but neither actually let you cancel. So I e-mail customer service and ask them to cancel my account. Five days later, they mail me back and say "we're sorry you want to cancel...is there anything we can do to make you stay?", so I'm like "No. Just cancel my account so I'm not charged for a month." Of course, a few days later, a month's charge appears on my credit card bill. A few more days after that, I get a reply from them: "OK, we'll cancel your account now." This is almost 2 weeks after I first wanted to cancel.

So let me get this straight...you can get a FREE two week trial, as long as you e-mail them the day you sign up saying you want to cancel, wait a week for a reply asking why you want to cancel, wait another week for a confirmation that they actually cancelled, and hope it hasn't been more than 2 weeks or else your FREE trial is actually a NOT FREE trial.

Can't this be considered fraud? There's gotta be something illegal about it. If anybody reading this is a lawyer, give me some lawyerly advice. Oh wait, no lawyers read this, because nobody at all reads this. Damn.

Fire is Fun
Speaking of evil, it seems Satan has been up to his old tricks again. Check out this link: SATAN SETS FIRE TO STUFF.

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