Friday, May 14, 2004

I got a new feature! You can now leave comments about my posts. Leave a comment and make me feel popular!

If you need some inspiration to leave a comment, how about I bring up a controversial topic that you can disagree with me on? I think that poor people should be put in ovens and cooked, then eaten by rich people. That way, rich people can spend more money on fancy cars and going to the opera instead of food, and they don't have to worry about filthy poor people getting in their way while they walk from the car to the opera. What do you think? Make your opinion known, or I will make it happen.

Pee Update: Today my pee smells like a pond. A pond with frogs in it.


Phronk said...

That's disgusting. I hope you die and get eaten by frogs, and then the frogs complain because their pee smells like YOU.

Ramona said...

Maybe you should see a doctor. I am glad you are still alive and kicking. Keep it real in the old ont of rio
, i went to thunderbay once, and, it sucked, i recommend staying away from it.
you may or may not remember me as flyte42, the girl who liked OC,ahhh, westwoodchat. good times.
Why cant poor people eat the rich people?
I bet rich people taste better.

Anonymous said...

They can be eaten if carefully prepared. Always cook thhly thouroly - Well. They are usually quite greasy.(rich diets?) Do your best not to eat anyone who you know, as the memories seem to interfere with the boquet. The music chosen for the repast is essential, Arrowsmith has provided an offering (eat the rich) ENJOY!! J2U

Anonymous said...

Hey hey!
its me Lazer from WCHAT!!

if you are still around
add me on MSN