Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson Not Guilty

So, Jackson's not guilty. If he really is innocent, I feel sorry for the guy. Sure, he's weird and likes to hang out with kids, but who cares? If the kids are having fun, and he's having fun, and "fun" doesn't involve any penises whatsoever, then what's wrong with that?

He was already weird looking and diseased (?), and now he's broke and hated too. And it was all because he was weird, and people were either intolerant of that or preyed on it. It sucks that being weird can destroy a person. Weirdness is what makes the world fun, and what makes the world better. If everyone was normal and kept things the same, we'd never make any progress and life would suck and I would stab myself in the face with a rusty spoon because I couldn't handle it.

If I was drinking, and if anybody was around, I'd start a toast to Michael Jackson. Yay Michael.


Anonymous said...

You know what.. props to you for writing this. I dislike rusty spoons unless they are used on other.. less inteligent people than myself, but yes, if everything was the same I think I would join you on that one. - A.Jax

Phronk said...

Whoa, a real comment from someone I don't know! I'm famous!

Anonymous said...

ha ha thats funny. i love michael jackson he rox! he's 100% innocent!

Anonymous said...

why is there a BBQ at the end of omgwtf?