Monday, January 16, 2006

Return of the Jack Bauer Power Hour

Warning: There are spoilers for last night's 24 here.

Twenty Four (a.k.a 24) started its fifth season last night, and it was quite the start to a season. Quite the start. First it's all like "President Palmer is back, and he's as lively as ever", but then it's like "NO HE'S NOT". Then it's like "hey, Michelle is back, and she's lost some weight and she's lookin pretty hot", and then it's all like "NOT ANY MORE". Then Chloe is back and she's skinnier too and having SEX with people, but I don't trust the dude she's porking. Was that a Russian accent he let slip, or does he just suck at talking? That is the genius of always keeps you guessing.

Then there's Jack Bauer, who has, in less than two hours, managed to kill like 8 people and scar a young boy for life. He hasn't tortured anyone yet, though. Unless you count offering to take a bleeding man to the hospital (but only if he cooperates) torture. And then shoot him in the face instead of taking him, even when he does cooperate. Hmm...ok, maybe he has already engaged in torture.

When you think about it, Jack is an evil, evil man. I think the underlying message of 24 is this: as long as you're doing it "for your country", or "for your bestest friend", horrific acts of violence, torture, and general badassery are completely justified.

On a related note, it seems like Kiefer Sutherland's voice is commercials, computer commercials, cartoons, video games, etc. His unique voice, however, isn't so much talking as it is controlled growling. In celebration of this fact, I have created a picture of Kiefer as a lion:

Kiefer Lion


Anonymous said...

He was aces in Phone Booth.

Harry J. Sachz said...

yeah, but he was only on screen for about 10 seconds :P

Phronk said...

Yeah, but his voice was there for the whole movie. He's all about the voice.

Harry J. Sachz said...

i understand that the show follows him around for an exciting 24 hours and each show is an hour long - making the entire season one day long... so, does, like, a whole 8 weeks of episodes show him sleeping?.. or like a half an episode show him on the can?.. he eats and stuff too right?.. if he travels somewhere, do the episodes show him flipping through the airmall magazine and asking the chick with gobs of makeup for more peanuts?.. or does the entire show take place in the same city without him sleeping?.. i've never seen the show, so i'm just wondering how they get around those little details.. from what i heard, it's outstanding, and i've always been meaning set aside some time to watch it...

Phronk said...

Heheh, well, the show does take some suspension of disbelief. It kinda makes sense that nobody sleeps during the day of a terrorist attack...they're too busy torturing and catching the terrorists.

Also, you can assume that they eat and shit during off-camera time. There are times when the focus shifts off Jack, so he has time to do that boring stuff.

Travelling is a problem though. It does all take place in the same area, but according to 24, you can get anywhere in L.A. within 5 minutes. The president of the United States also does most of his business in L.A.

It's still an entertaining show, if you just think of it as a cheesy action drama where the real-time thing can sometimes be ignored and mindless killing is good wholesome fun.

Harry J. Sachz said...

as a side note - having been to LA more times than i'd like to admit, unless you have a rocket strapped to your back, it's really not possible to move 10 feet in LA in 5 minutes; much less anywhere in the city... :P