Monday, February 20, 2006

Road Trip of Death

Yesterday, a few friends and I went to Toronto to see the Ontario Science Centre's Body Worlds 2 exhibit. This exhibit consists of real dead bodies and organs, preserved by replacing fluids and fat with plastic. It's partly educational, but mostly artistic. I was surprised at how close you could get to the bodies; they are not behind glass, so you can get right up to them. It was extremely interesting to see the insides of the human body...a place that most people will never see except in pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I managed to avoid security and snap a few with my crappy camera phone.


Here are two "plastinates" figure skating. They were in all sorts of poses, to illustrate different body parts and keep things interesting.

ring man

This is the ring man. He's on the rings, and his flesh is cut into rings! Get it?

dead horse

Not all of the bodies were human. Here's a dead horsie!

kid skeleton

They also weren't all adults. Here's a cute little skeleton of a kid. There was also a controversial dead baby / pregnant mom section. It was cool to see how fast kids grow in the womb. But I feel sorry for women having to pop those things out...damn...

Anyway, I recommend that anyone who can go see this thing do so ASAP. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and good practice for the upcoming zombie apocalypse.


Jason said...

ANAT 215/216 at Queen's was enough for me. Especially the pile of old people's legs stacked up on the table. You had to decide if you wanted one with half a nutsack attached or one with shaved legs and nail polish. Puke.

Phronk said...

At first I didn't know what ANAT meant...and I was like "what kind of restaurant are you talking about?"...then I clued in.

I'd take the leg with both a nutsack AND nail polish. Much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

lmao at this conversation.