Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm back in Canada, and still alive. If I'm to believe the commercials, since I didn't get my Twinrix vaccination, I probably have a disease from a single ice cube, which will manifest itself in a few months. We'll see.

Anyway, Cuba was neat. I'll post pictures or something later. Highlights include: drinking until I was completely immune to the effects of alcohol, eating mysterious paste found on the buffet, and watching the military investigating a hula hoop.

More later.

P.S. This is the best commercial ever. Go penis, go penis!

P.P.S: Cats playing ping pong saying O RLY and YA RLY.  You gotta see it to understand. (Thanks Captain Bee)


Anonymous said...

Saw this today. You're going to get a kick out of it.

Phronk said...

Muahah, nice. I'm posting it.