Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bob Ross Video Game

I'm undecided about whether I'll buy a Playstation 3. It will probably be pretty powerful, and will play Blu-Ray movies. However, it will be expensive and nobody knows if Blu-Ray will be the replacement for DVD or not.

I used to be undecided about Nintendo's next console, currently codenamed Revolution. But then I saw news today that a game based on Bob Ross's Joy of Painting will be coming to the system. Now I'm saving up my money and preordering that sucker as soon as possible.

Bob Ross is the coolest man on Earth. Whenever I see his show on, I can't stop watching, as if it's put me in a trance. There's always mystery in what's going to happen next. You see him splotch a line of paint across the beautiful mountain he just painted and scream "GOD DAMMIT BOB, YOU JUST FUCKED UP THE ENTIRE PAINTING" at the TV...but then Bob does his magic and turns the splotch into a beautiful tree, all the while babbling in his calming voice, and the world makes sense. It's a shame that all his shows are, and forever will be, reruns.

Perhaps the final paintings aren't always the best "art"...but he does them in less than an hour, and he's not looking at photographs or landscapes as he paints, that stuff is just popping right out of his head.

I don't know how a video game based on the show would work (I imagine it will use Revolution's weird-ass controller like a paint brush), but I'm so glad it's being made. There need to be more innovative games like this, rather than more sequels to games where you shoot stuff over and over.



Jason said...

That does sound neat, but I desperately want a laptop. They are going ahead with making all of downtown Toronto all wi-fi and free for 6 months. Can't wait.

Phronk said...

That's awesome, especially if you live downtown. I hope it's not too expensive after 6 months.

You can drive and chat on MSN at the same time!

P.S. If you're getting a laptop, I recommend seriously considering a Mac. The new "Macbooks" should be coming out soon and it'd be the perfect time to get one, if you're into that sort of thing. I got one on a whim and I'm glad I did...and now, even if you don't like OSX, you can just install Windows and pretend it's a PC.

Butchie said...

I met Bob Ross at JFK once. He gave me a buisiness card and then signed it To a special friend- Bob Ross. I didn't even ask him for his card or autograph.

Anonymous said...

I used to have Bob Ross painting books.

your judgemental aunt said...

It's all about Intellivision

Anonymous said...

I always thought that guy was just some unnamed pedophile painter dude. Now that he has a name I'm even more frightened.

"Now let's put in the mountains...there....and some lush green trees in front.............there..."

Phronk said...

Butchie: That is the best story I've ever heard.

Holywriter: Used to? How DARE you get rid of Bob Ross merchandise? I will CUT you.

My Aunt: Nice. It's amazing that what was the cutting edge of technology a few years ago can now be played on cell phones and $10 plastic toys.

Bee: Were you trying to describe Bob Ross painting a phallic landscape? Because you forgot the (no homo). :)

Bob Ross said...

Bob Ross is King! I love his relaxing voice. I could listen to the guy all day. zzzzzz