Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shit That Will Blow Your Mind

Some random stuff to entertain and titillate your brains:

  • Video games don't cause violence. They're actually good for you. While this is one of the most vague articles I've ever read (games cause "positive learning traits", whatever the hell that means), the research should calm down those who freak out over violent video games. The study was inspired by a kid who was obsessed with "Manhunt" and killed another kid. Hey, maybe if your kid is obsessed with a game where all you do is murder people in violent ways, and let him keep playing, you as a parent deserve just a bit of responsibility here? Maybe? Plus if the kid was predisposed to love that game, he probably already had a little killer in him. Causes can go both ways.

  • Click here! Then click on the picture. Then click on the little pictures that make up the picture. Then keep clicking and clicking, for ever and ever. I spent 4 hours doing this. Well...4 minutes at least. Fun 4 minutes though.

  • Ever wondered if you could pour a glass of iced tea while doing a barrel roll in a fighter plane? I think we all have, at some point. Find out now!. I'd like to see the dude try this with beer. It's hard enough to get the perfect amount of head while not flying a a plane. [insert very funny joke about 'head']


Anonymous said...

Hey, you used the video game link twice, once in the second link. The iced tea thing was cool, though.

Salem said...

Are you testing us? There's no picture.

Phronk said...

Oops! That was cut & paste gone horribly wrong. It's fixed now. Sorry.

Salem said...

"That is cool", I blurted out loud, and then got a crowd around my desk to look at it.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Very cool site! Thanks for the entertainment.

Jason said...

You just reminded me that I have to cancel my monthly subscription to World of Warcraft.

Hopefully I gained some sort of skill from all the time + money.

Phronk said...

Hehe...I've been wasting money on WoW for a few months of not playing it. I just started playing again, though. You shouldn't quit...we should build some "postitive learning traits" together!

Salem said...

Tell me, what is WOW? I gave up on games about 4 years ago. Is it the latest in the Warcraft line? I gave up whole weekends to that game. What's the subscription?

Phronk said...

Well, it's a massively multiplayer game. Which means that there is a virtual world that exists whether you are playing or not, and you share that world with 1000s of other players. It's a role-playing game (not strategy like the other Warcraft games)...so you kill stuff, get more powerful, and collect money and items. If you've heard of Everquest, it's the same idea but in the Warcraft universe. It's addictive as hell...people lose their lives to this crap. It's fun though.

There's a monthly fee, since the developers keep updating the game and you have to access their servers to play. It's something like $12 a month.

Jason said...

Phronk explained it perfectly.


I have 2 level 27 characters. Shhhh... don't out me.

Phronk said...


Er...I have 2 level 40 characters. And a few in their 10's.

Kill me.

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Phronk said...

Hi fellow! Thanks for ruining the internet with your spam. I hope you stab yourself in the face if you get time :-)