Friday, July 14, 2006

I Got Smacked

I got "smacked" by I Talk Too Much, a blog which reviews other blogs, usually with brutal honesty. Welcome everyone who's coming here from there.

The reviewer, Merciless Minx, had a few understandable problems with my template, like the ugly carrot-diarrhea color to the right. Hey, when I put up the new colours, I did say it was poo-brown; I never thought of the carrot angle though.

And I do need to shorten my archive list in the sidebar. The fact that my archives go back to 2000 shows my e-age. It's pretty mainstream now, but only socially retarded nerds were blogging back in 2000. Let's not even mention the fact that I was blogging before that, except I couldn't officially archive it because blogging tools didn't exist. In fact, the word "blog" didn't even exist back in 1997. I called it my "thing of the day" (because the idea was that I'd post something new each day). I think blog is a much more elegant term though.

I'm happy that my precious content wasn't mocked by the review. I'll toot my own horn and put an excerpt here:
This guy has great posts. Nothing pretentious or boring here. I laughed, I cried, I- fine I didn’t cry. But it’s good stuff. Go read for yourself.

If you do want to cry, try this guy's blog post.

In the end I got 3 out of 5 smacks, which, if you look at the other reviews, is pretty damn good. So thanks muchly, people at I Talk Too Much. If you gave me a bad review, I'd have to point out that neither you nor the blogs you review really "talk", since it's all text (unless they've got some fancy audio blog thing), but you didn't so I won't.

But for serious, thanks!


The Stevo in H-Town said...

Kudos dude, I submitted the Jammy to 'em as well..

sarah said...

You are so famous!

Your content is really awesome and I love reading your blog. Does that count for anything? Us socially retarded nerds have to stick together.

Weekends Off said...

I saw her review and came to see your blog for myself...I like it. And I kinda like the carrot diarrhea color odd as it

I don't have anything to do today so I'm going to stalk you. :O)

Phronk said...

Stevo: Nice. I'm sure they'll love it and/or make fun of it in hilarious ways.

Sarah: Aww thanks. Your blog is better though. Nerd.

Di: Sweet! I can always use more diarrhea-loving stalkers.

Leesa said...

yeah, I got zero smacks by the same reviewer. She said I was a simpleton! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats - that's a tough crowd to please!

Morris said...

Don't change a thing with your site! You are taking too seriously the views of females after all.

And females hate my site, but men love it! So that is proof not to trust females.

Mr. Morris

Anonymous said...

I got here from there. I would have given you at least one more smack for the rockin' facial hair. Key-YOOT.

You make real sentences, too. Quite diggable.

Dr. Zombie said...

Cool, Phronk. Given the usual level of snarkiness on that site, you got away with murder.

Bravo, brother. Bravo.

Marcia said...

Congrats on the 3 out of 5! It's what I got, and sometimes I think it's about as good as it gets over there, unless they feel emotionally attached to your blog.

I'll be back!

sarah said...

I am looking at your blog at George's house and he's like "hey, who's blog is that?" and i'm like "Phronk's" and he's like "it looks really nice" and I'm like "really?" and he's like "yeah, the colours are really nice. They compliment each other well." I didn't even prompt him to say that. I promise. They are nice colours Phronk. Don't change a thing.

Phronk said...

Thanks for stopping by, all you new people. I love you all. Except Morris...but he's not really new.

Haha Sarah, really? That's cool. Thanks "George"! I'm totally keeping the carrot poo now.

Elle said...

The certainly don't smack people blog couldn't even get a single smack.

Oh, and Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

I stopped by from IT2M. Congrats on the smackage. You have a great blog.

Need to roll up your archives?

Here's a good blogger hack

Shora said...

Each smack is very well deserved. I heart your blog. Congrats!

Jason said...

I find those reviewers obnoxious. Can't stand them, but am glad you got a good review.

Phronk said...

Thanks Gratis! I may just use that. Such great advice, all for free!

madamerouge said...

your sidebar is a tasteful rust colour that complements the template

we could even J-Crew-it-up a bit... let's call it "Sedona" instead of rust