Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Office

Wanna know why I haven't been posting any blog stuff lately? This is why:


That's my office. All those books and articles are crap I need in order to write my thesis. I have to get it done by tomorrow. Current status: Not done.


And if I don't have time to organize my papers or clean up my garbage, do you really think I have time to blog? Do you? Are you retarded or something?


Now go away. Come back when you have coffee or chocolate. *

* Also acceptable are chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee flavoured chocolate, chocolate flavoured coffee, coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks, and jars of peanut butter with a spoon.


madamerouge said...

good luck
don't look @ clogs

Timmy said...

get to work!

and clean up your damn room!

I got some mocha here in Indy, when you coming?

Vile Blasphemer said...

Hopefully I'll have a new video up in the next two weeks and you'll have some kind of relief.

Jason said...

Crank it out and then celebrate.

Butchie said...

Yeah, don't read these comments.

Unknown said...

Phronk, what do think about this Scots' computer nerd that managed with unbelievable ease to hack into the U.S military-industrial system to have a curious dig about, while leaving messages such as "Your Foriegn Policy is Shite", and "Your Security Systems Leave Alot to Be Desired"...

The British government has agreed to extradite him to face potential sentence of 60 years plus, due to a non-reciprocal extradition treaty between the States and Britain, when he would serve probably about 2-5 years in a British jail if he wasn't sent over the Atlantic. Feel a bit sorry for him, myself, given that he was doing the U.S authorities a favour by exposing their lack of computer security measures. Anyway, check this out, if you've not already heard about it, and let me know:-

Anonymous said...

I've got nothin

your judgemental aunt said...

You don't know from messy. You should see my desk at work. It's a nightmare. You should just get your thesis from the interweb and relax. I think there are some for sale there.

Kara said...

hmmmmm, me thinks your avoiding said
good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think tomorrow came and went. What's up?

Rikki said...

Why don't you join Gimme Your Stuff and get some goodies :)

Phronk said...

Madame: I won't. I actually hate wooden shoes.

Indy: Please don't hit on me.

Vile: Please don't hit on me.

Jason: Celebrating makes me fat.

Fake Dawkins: Sounds excessive to me. I guess he's gotta be punished to set some example, but the discrepency between the two sentences is a hint that something's wrong there. Someone should probably hire the guy to test security systems instead of doing jail time.

Holy: Me neither. :(

My Aunt: I bought impotency pills from the interweb once and they did nothing. Interweb lies!

Karamia: Avoiding work is the whole point of blogs. And thanks! :)

Salem: The real final actual due date is Thursday. It is pretty much done though. Yay.

Rikki: I've already got some goodies. IN MY PANTS.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all that is going on. Take a break, enjoy some summer reading and come back refreshed.

Vile Blasphemer said...

Now, I wasn't hitting on you.

wondy woman said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by - I like your blog and I am happy you came by off the back of something negative!

Good pics too, I like peeking into other people's lives (without being arrested...)

Anonymous said...

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