Monday, September 25, 2006

The Apple Cult

So yes, I got my iPod. That's why I haven't posted here in a few days. I've been fiddling with the iPod and my music collection the entire time. It's addictive trying to manage over 10 000 songs, getting the album art, release date, and genres correctly labeled on every one of them.

I'm happy with the iPod overall. One side effect of owning one now is that I've started to notice just how damn many other people own them. On my latest coffee run, I swear that more than half of the people I saw were wearing the iconic white earphones. It's amazing that one product can suddenly change the primary colour of earphones from black to white. Even more alarming is the sheer number of people with their ears plugged with music. It used to be just joggers and people on the bus listening to their Walkmans; now standing in line at Tim Horton's is an occasion for music. They should just start permanantly installing white earphones on babies when they first pop out of the womb. It'd save the hassle of messing with chords all the time.

Then there are crazy Apple people who only buy Apple products. I realized today that I'm 2/3 of the way there. I have an Apple laptop and an Apple MP3 player. The only major Apple category I'm missing is a desktop computer. I almost wish I could convert all the way, too, because the PC version of iTunes 7.0 is absolute shit. See? Apple has this magic cult power over people, to make them want to buy one of their computers because they screwed up the software on the PC. Yeah, reward them for screwing up. That makes sense.

Ah well, enough about iPods. It's all I've been writing about lately. I'll think of more interesting stuff to type later. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm the last person without one.

High Power Rocketry said...

Forget appple, I am never going to get one. I will get a new PC type mp3 player when the day comes, a creative or rio.

Phronk said...

Salem: Yep. In that picture, I deliberately chose the chick in red to represent you.

Alex: Yeah, they make some very nice ones. I'd also recommend looking into iRiver. I had one for a few years and had very few problems with it. The newer ones look even nicer. Also, In that picture, I deliberately chose the chick in red to represent you.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm an expert, but I couldn't find out how "Play next in Party Shuffle" with the Mac version of iTunes. On this pc, it's just right click and there it is. What's the secret?

Timmy said...


Phronk said...

Salem: I've discovered the secret techniques for doing that on a Mac: Right click and it is there.

Sorry :)

If you only have one mouse button, Ctrl-click is the same as right click. You could probably also drag and drop into party shuffle, then rearrange songs from within it. Or double-click on party shuffle to open it in a new window, and directly drag into the order you want.

I've found that iTunes isn't really as "intuitive" as people make it out to be, but once you know the little tricks, it's pretty powerful.

Indy: YOU'RE aliens.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing an item on the news that told parents to get different coloured earphones for their kids' ipods so they would be targeted for a shakedown.

Have you had any trouble with your Mac laptop? A friend of mine has had trouble with every one, and now his new desktop is acting up.

Phronk said...

It's getting to the point where it'd be hard to target someone with white earphones, because there will be no other kind of earphones. It'd be like targeting people wearing shoes.

My laptop has been flawless, but I know of two friends' computers that have had hardware problems. Macs are nice when they work, but they're certainly no more immune to hardware failure than PCs. Software crashes less, though, I find.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* been eyeing macs (an imac, a macbook and the new video and nano ipods) since the new generation came out.

Need money to afford one to replace my little ipod mini.

Question: Which ipod did you get? The 8GB video ipod? or a Nano?

Butchie said...

Plus you have that sweet apple shaped ass.

Timmy said...

Maybe I am!?!

Jennifer said...

Hi. Happy iPod. I lost you for a year there, I had the old site bookmarked and thought you got busy with becoming a Master of Science and ditched the blogging. Silly me. Rob clued me in. So, in a year of catching up, here are my comments:
1. Congrats on being brilliant and all. Go you.
2. (7th Heaven series unfinale) - you mean the purpose of life isn't to have as many children as possible as soon as possible? Just...damn.
3. (crazy neighbours #2) I think I was this retarded before I had kids. Hard to say for sure though.
4. (sidewalk hogging moms) I try, seriously. But it's hard when one kid is oblivious to other people, one stops dead in terror when seeing other people, and your stroller has a mind of it's own and frequently veers off into the ditch.

Tai said...

Sorry, were you just saying something? Here, let me turn my i-pod down.

Tee hee!

Deepak Gopi said...

Dont use I-pod too much.It will reduce your hearing ability.

Anonymous said...
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Nölff said...

I have the PC knockoff. It works fine.

sarah said...

Blog about me! I'm so FASCINATING.

Phronk said...

Holy shit it's Jen!

I hope you're doing good. I'm responding here because I forget where your old blog thing is.

1. Thanks!

2. No that's totally the purpose. Don't forget to keep your family all costs. This includes spying on your children, and cutting off all contact with the ones who screw up.

3. Well if you've avoided shaking them so far, you're doing better than some people.

4. As long as you try it's all good. It's lack of trying that sucks.

I'm going to go try finding your blog now to see what you've been up to in the 30 years or so since I saw you last.

Jennifer said... I'm in your list of good blogs, oh brilliant one.

I've been up to having babies. Heh. This is what I do.

We're all good, we moved to a huge disaster of a house in Old East and now I pay several teenagers' wages at Home Depot.