Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogger Sucks Volume 2

Thanks Sachz for explaining what's going on with Blogger. I tried out the new Blogger beta with a new blog, and it sorta sucked. There are some nice ideas in there (e.g., I've been waiting for a way to categorize posts for years), but none of them actually worked. It gave me error messages whenever I tried to do anything. Better luck next time, Blogger.

I tried Wordpress, and it seems pretty awesome as far as blogging tools go. I just can't bring myself to switch everything there, though. I have an irrational attachment to Google-owned products. I guess it's because they're working on services that do everything that computers can possibly do, and I'm hoping that one day they'll all work nicely together. Like maybe I can write a document in Writely, which will automatically post to Blogger, while simultaneously marking when I posted something in my Google Calendar, and keep track of the dates and number of posts, comments, and visitors in a Google Spreadsheet, then email any comments on the post to Gmail. Oh, and all these files could be saved on some sort of online Google Web Storage which I'm sure they're working on (although others are already hacking a way to do it).

Ideally, this would also all sync up with with non-internet software on my Mac too. But maybe that's asking for too much. Still, I'm betting that one day all software will be internet based and will work together like this. The technology is there; companies just need to cooperate and get it polished enough to be useful.


Anonymous said...

ya Im a little pissed with blogger right now, like the fact that I cant post a comment on peoples blogs that dont have the beta. stupid blogger. I would love to go to wordpress, but Im just far far too lazy to do it.


Anonymous said...

i'm in the same situation, can't leave comments on non beta blogs.


Anonymous said...

^ jason.

Harry J. Sachz said...

you're correct about the hassles involved in moving all your stuff over to another hosting site. it did take me a few days and alot of motivation to want to move to a completely new interface for my page.

(not to sound like an ad for wordpress) they have a tool that you can use to import all your blogger posts into your new page. however, my only problem that i have with their free hosting is the limited customization options and lack of good themes. they offer a $15 additional access to your theme (via CSS), but it's only code that would overlay your present set - not changes to. did that make sense?

you bring upon good points with the google integration with their provided services, and sticking with the 'do no evil' empire might prove to be worthwhile when they get their shit straight. but sadly enough, blogger is probably be the best (free) tool for blogging software currently, despite their bugs.

other possible services you might want to look into (that i hear are good): live journal, vox, typepad

your judgemental aunt said...

google loves you! they also know your address, your friends and all your fetishes!