Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogger Sucks

Yesterday I went to change the template for this blog, and got an error message. No big deal, I'll do it later. Then I came back today, and the entire template was gone.

So, I had to redo a lot of it. It looks OK now but there might be problems since I don't really know what I'm doing.

Be sure to back up your templates, people with blogs. Anyone know what's with Blogger lately? Buttons are starting to look different, plus it's screwing up all the time. Weird.


Timmy said...

blogger is a tempermental bitch sometimes!

Shora said...

Been having lots of problems with blogger lately myself, prompting me to try and figure out a way to back mine up, not just the template. I found a way to get all my posts, with pictures, but not comments. Anyway, in the process I discovered they're converting all blogs randomly to something Google related. Hmmmm.

Happy LaboUr Day Weekend Dude!

High Power Rocketry said...

Yeah I backup everything regularly: Sometimes, on some browsers, the edit template window messes up and wont load your whole template by accident. Then you go to save template, republish, and you suddenly have half a template: your page loads as all code.

So backup is key!

I was going to say, I love your template. I really need to make my content thicker becuase it is so thin, yours is much better. Mind if I ask what the width of your content is, and what image you use? Or just a color?

Blogger is constantly slow or down because it is free: they just dont spend that much money or time on it.

Harry J. Sachz said...

they've been going through a huge change recently into a new "beta" phase for their blogger software. apparently wordpress has been beating them out when it comes to ingenious additions and incredibly easy interface, so they've started to change the way things are done. problems are unavoidable i guess.

more can be read here

Dr. Zombie said...

Yeah, I switched to Beta and now I kind of regret it. It has some benefits, but the tempremental nature of it is kinda wonky.

And I agree with Alex, your template kicks ass.

Dr. Z..

Phronk said...

Thanks dudes. I'm glad the template isn't too ugly. If any of you find a way to back up a blog easily, comments and all, please let me know. I've found crappy backup things but nothing good and easy.