Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Directed by Alan Smithee

Have you ever seen a movie directed by Alan Smithee? I was doing some research on my new favourite show, MacGyver, and noticed that a few episodes were directed by Mr. Smithee. But the thing is, Alan Smithee does not exist. It is a pseudonym used by directors who don't want credit for what they've done, because their work was ruined by studio meddling. This is an official thing which has to be approved by The Director's Guild (see Alan Smithee on Wikipedia). Funny stuff. I wonder, though, what happens if the director is female? Is there really such a lack of women directors that they don't even need a female version of the fake name?

I sorta wish my real name was Alan Smithee. I'd make it my life's mission to become a famous Hollywood director. But to avoid confusion, I'd change my name to "Steven Speilberg".

Anyway, next time you see a movie or TV show directed by Alan Smithee, be prepared for it to suck hardcore.

Edit: Oops, an entire movie has already been made about a dude whose real name is Alan Smithee.


Anonymous said...

Your new favorite show?


"Hello Phronk? It's the 80's here. We'd like our show back!"

Phronk said...

The 80's?? Whoa, I thought bad hair and cheesy acting were just coming back into style.

Shora said...

OMG, I want that MacGyver paperclip! Ok, I lied.

Anonymous said...

Um, it was NEVER in style.


Put down your Saved by the Bell poster.


Phronk said...

Awww, does that mean I have to shave my mullet?

Oh wait, I have no hair.

S said...

That bastard stole my idea on how to dismantle a bomb!

Where's that rubber band and piece of chewing gum...?