Tuesday, February 27, 2007

50 Things To Do To Stop Global Warming

Here is a list of 50 things you can do to not feel guilty about global warming. I think this stuff is pretty important, because seriously, we're going to destroy the Earth. It might be sooner, it might be later, but pumping pollution into the air can't be a good thing, so we should probably stop that.

Most of these are pretty obvious, but it's good to have them all in one place. Some should be obvious but aren't - like not putting your fridge beside your stove. I've never thought of that before, but...duh.

There is one thing they forgot, though:


your judgemental aunt said...

so you mean skull and crossbones pirates not the internet kind right?

Butchie said...


Phronk said...

MJA: I assume so. If it was the internet kind, we'd be in an ice age right now.

Butchie: FUNDIE!!!

Anonymous said...

If we move Butchie to Canadia, America will improve the pollution problem.

Seriosly, the way that guy goes through porn in his trailer park cannot be good for Indiana or the US.

Timmy said...

AG - you can have him!

I am Pro-Global Warming!

Phronk said...

True. He produces dangerous levels of toxic sludge.

I don't think we want him either.

Jeffery said...

I think those are good things to do whether you believe in Global Warming or not, which as you know, I do not.

2C will do almost nothing to the earth system. That 2C is an average over the entire earth, with most of that warming in Siberia and Northern Canada. Warmer winters, less snow to shovel. Longer summers, more fun in the sun.

Global Warming is good for Canada. Polar Bears have been around for 10s of thousands of years, when it has been warmer and with less ice. I'm sure they will be fine. Give the fuzzy little animals more credit.

Phronk said...

Well yeah, even if this stuff doesn't cause global warming, it's probably doing something bad.

I did read somewhere that polar bears have started to drown in Alaska, though. Isn't that proof that something's changed? Even if it's not caused by humans? (though it's a strange coincidence that it's happening just as us humans came on the scene)

I also read that polar bears have started wearing armour and getting together in groups of mercenaries for hire. That may have been a fictional book though.

P.S. Your blog is empty.

Shora said...

Freaky about the cow breath. But if we don't eat them, doesn't that just mean there'll be even MORE cow breath?

Jeffery said...

I think the Polar Bear drowning thing is because there are more people up there. Hard to see something if no one is there. Or they forgot how to swim. One or the other.

Only 2 of 13 polar bear populations are suffering loses. The other seem to be doing find and holding the front. We should probably send reinforcements to the ones that are taking loses, but I'm sure they can hold their own.

As for things in the air, we do put a lot of crap into the air. Methane is bad (eat more cows), sulphides (although they cool the earth), and other fun poisons are all bad but some of what we pump into the air is naturally forming anyways. CO2 for example. Plants NEED it to live and grow. As for to much CO2, well we don't really know what that level is. Geologic history has told us that the earths climate has been warmer than today (farms in Greenland anyone?), was CO2 higher than now. No. But at other times in the past CO2 has been much higher, and with Ice Ages present. Mars is experiencing global warming right now too!

Take home message: We know virtually nothing about the earths climate system. If you want to do good things for the environment, do it for yourself. Save money and electicity, plant more trees because they are nice to look at, stop ACTUALLY harmful polution. Don't hide behind a guise of 'saving the planet', it will just make you a hypocrite.

Phronk said...

Ok, fair enough, we don't really know why the climate is changing. But more and more people are making progress in understanding it, and from what I understand, based on the limited information we do have, it seems to be related to human activity. So we should probably play it safe and start cutting back on our potentially harmful activity until we know what's actually going on. I don't see how it's hypocritical to plant a tree BOTH because it's nice to look at and because it soaks up CO2, which may or may not be doing the planet good.

I do agree that doing stuff just for "saving the planet" can go overboard. Like with "organic food". What the hell? All food is organic. And making food without man-made materials (which have been tested and refined for decades) just takes more acres to create less food that's more likely to be covered in cow and human shit, and profits the same giant corporations that all other food does. Yet they market it as environmentally friendly just to cash in on the paranoia that global warming is causing.

Jeffery said...

1. When a tree dies, it releases almost ALL of that CO2 back into the atmosphere. So unless we start preventing tree death, and reclaiming land for forests, then it won't really work.
Also, CO2 is the second largest greenhouse gas, but it is second place by a huge margin. I heard it described this way. If all the green house gases were ranked from 1-10, 1-4 would be water vapor, 5 would be CO2. CO2 also only makes up .054% of our atmosphere.

2.GM food (genetically modified) is usually more productive or resistant to diseases so we can pull more yield from them, so less land for crops, more land for forests and meadows.

3. Playing it safe, and not doing something because it MIGHT cause harm is called 'precautionary principle'. What it doesn't look at is the other side of the story. The risk of NOT doing it. Take coal as an example. So we stop using coal and 'strongly' encourage Africa and other developing nations to do the same, and switch to wind and solar. Alright, it will cost us a little more (actually 3x more)(I don't have the money do you?) To developing nations that extra cost is VERY expensive, to the point it keeps them from developing, the cost is to high and they are prevented from using their own resources. We are basically condemning them to poverty. Cheep coal and is how we developed, and the developed nations are much cleaner now than at the beginning of the industrial revolution and have the money TO clean up more. Nuclear is a prime example. Cheep, reliable, and clean.

CO2 is not bad for anything, plants use it to grow.
More CO2, more plants, more production, more wealth, less poverty. A warmer world will be less hostile and encourage development. Look at periods in the past called the 'Medieval Warm Period' and the 'Halocene maximum'. These were times of great development in human history. The 'little ice age' was a disaster.

Warmer is better for life on earth.

Jeffery said...

I recommend watching this video: