Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dugg is a site where ordinary people submit links to news stories and other interesting stuff on the internet. Other people then "digg" links that they like, and the links that get a lot of diggs go onto the front page for everyone to see. I get a lot of my news from this place, and a lot of interesting random stuff that would otherwise be hard to find.

In a comment a few days ago, Sachz suggested putting a list of article that I've "dugg" in the sidebar here on Good idea, dude. It's there now, below the list of other blogs. If you like the same stuff I like, you might find some links to good stuff there. A fuller list of what I've dugg is also available here.

The recent music I've listened to is also more up to date now. It used to only update when I got home and synced my iPod. Now you can see what I'm listening to at work, in real-time. Not that you care, but I can feel all important by posting this crap for the world to see.


Jason said...

This was one of my "secret sites" where I'd get my news too. I guess it's hardly secret.

Also: stumbleupon,, drudge report, newsvine

There. Now I have no more internet secrets.

High Power Rocketry said...

NICE header pic.

Harry J. Sachz said...

curious if you read this:

... not sure if it was on digg yet though

Nölff said...

Speaking of what you're listening to, "Of Montreal" is from Athens, GA. 40 min. away... not from CA.

At first, I thought they were Canadians that really liked to play the South a lot.

I went to college with some of the guys in Elf Power.

Phronk said...

Grrr, stupid Rogers.

And yeah, Of Montreal is pretty cool. I accidentally bought their album because I thought they were someone else, but I dig it anyway.

I do not know who Elf Power are, but by their name I can tell they are the best band ever.