Monday, April 23, 2007

Test: If You Can Understand This, You Are a Nerd

If I have all my specials up, I can drop a mob faster than any other class, and I have all toons at 15 now. If you get a big mace in your mainhand, your aim crit will be 200+, doesn't take long to mow thru stuff at that rate. Burglar DPS is very very connected to the specials, and using them at the right time.

Now, put 2 burglars together that both have exploit up, and let's talk about back to back red conjunctions and DPS :P. I can drop mobs in a burglar duo that no other 2 class combo can even come close too.

I love this class because you have a couple ways to go. Great evasion when you need it, great DPS when you need, and decent crowd control. For me, burglar is the best class I've ever played in an MMO.

I love my damn burglar lol.

Note: I am a nerd.


Anonymous said...

ok I am a NERD big time...but not this much....since I have no clue wtf you just blogged about.

but it's all good. Napoleon dynamite is on Wed at 9.....does that help?

Butchie said...

I thought I would know, for sure, but....NO.

Jason said...

Oh oh... I understood about 85% of it.


Phronk said...

Mitzee and Butchie: You need to spend more time in comic book shops.

Jason: NERD!

It's a post from a message board for an online game (Lord of the Rings Online). I found it rather sad that I read through it and understood every word as if it was actually English, then went back and realized that no, it's not.