Monday, June 04, 2007


Here are a few things I saw:
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Meh. This was an OK movie. Maybe I'm just going retarded in my old age, or didn't see the 2nd movie recently enough, but it was damn confusing for a movie about pirates killing each other. I know pirates are supposed to be thieves and liars, but these pirates seem to betray each other, lie, change sides, or change their minds every 5 minutes or so. The result is that everyone is fighting everyone else, but you don't really know WHY anyone is fighting. The movie has its moments, though, like what happens "at world's end", which is pretty much at the beginning of the movie...and Johnny Depp is somehow awesome in every movie he does. Still, could've been better.

  • Pirate Master: This is a reality show. With pirates. Not real pirates, mind you...but ordinary people who have been trained to sail by the show, and who dress up as pirates. It's like a combination of Survivor and Live Action Role Playing (see below). And given the way this game works, I can totally see it going all Stanford Prison Experiment, with people getting way too into their roles and treating each other like shit. Thus, I will watch a few more episodes...purely because I'm interested in the psychological implications, you see. It's research.

  • On the Lot: This is another reality show. This one is exactly like American Idol, except instead of singing, people make movies. It's definitely worth watching just for the movies. Some of the contestants have made some incredible ones, especially considering they are only given a few days (or in one case, 24 hours) to make them. The bad ones are hilariously bad, and it's fun to see the judges rip apart a film that someone has devoted the last week of their life to carefully crafting.


limpy99 said...

All I can say is : "Lightning Bolt!! Lightning Bolt!! Lightning Bolt!!"

madamerouge said...

On the gay channel, they should do a version called Butt-Pirate Master.


Jason said...

Ya, I think I may even wait to rent the last Pirates movie.