Monday, August 20, 2007

Words That I Hate

Here are some words that I dislike a lot:
  • Fashionista. It sounds like a stupid made-up word. Because it is.
  • "Lambo" (in reference to a Lamborghini). Criss Angel has talked about his "lambo" in like the last five episodes of Mindfreak. Yeah, I get it, you're rich. Good for you. Now go make a balloon animal, clown.
  • Most words that used to be French or Spanish but are now English. But only because people tend to say them with a fake accent. If the word's now English, and you are a native English speaker, it no longer needs the accent. Ambiance, not ohmbeeyawnce.
  • "Reno" (in reference to renovations). I also really dislike the Home and Garden channel, and how there are billions of advertisements, and they're like "coming up! The world's biggest renos! Our channel has all the awesome renos! MASSIVE MONSTER RENO WEEK IS THIS WEEK!" Then I says to my TV, I says, "you want me to watch someone renovate their house? I can't think of anything more boring. I can't even say it's worse than watching paint dry, because really, it's literally watching paint dry. Also: stop using that word."

Oh man, now I've gotten myself so worked up that I can't think of any more dreadful words.


SharkBoy said...

Is that a lambo wrapped around the parking gate?
This lambo is in serious need of renos, n'aye-sse-pass??

Dead Robot said...

Sharkboy and I were conversh manyana about cutting words off in the mid.

Phronk said...

Sharkboy & Lava Robot: I am SO ANGRY with you.

It's pronounced "nest pass"

limpy99 said...

The words "high" "school" and "musical", especially when strung together.

Jennifer said...

I'll give you everything but the renos. Well, I'll give you the renos. What you doin this weekend? Want to hang joists? You know you do.

You are not a true homeowner if you do not live HGTV. You're a fake, Phronko. Speaking of made up words...

sarah said...

What about menage a trois? That's a good french word! ...erm, phrase.

Phronk said...

Limpy: I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have no idea what High School Music is.

Jen: Oh god...I didn't even know what joist meant until I got a house. Apparently one of our joists is split in the middle so we gotta reno it. And sure I'm a true the sense of being the average homeowner who lets their house fall into least until I'm rich enough to pay people to do stuff.

Sarah: Yeah, that's a pretty good word/phrase. As long as it's pronounced "muh-nog uh troyce".

Mitzzee said...

never heard of lambo

lots of things and words annoy me, including but not limited to, natch, stat, and dude but i doubt that's where u were going with this post.

Butchie said...

Lambo. LOL!

Jason said...

I hate dromedy (drama + comedy).

limpy99 said...

"High School Musical" is a Disney TV show that all the elementary school kids are addicted to. It's probably one of the more effective methods of borth control.

sirbarrett said...

I think words that were Spanish or French but are now English is a huge category. French and English share a lot of vocabulary. But I'm with you for the most part. I think I hate it when they people throw in a word for which there is a simple and readily avaible English word just to try to add some flare. My mom always refers to things as so-and-so's "raison d'etre" but she pronounces it so badly that it comes out as "raise on dat". Then I'm looking around for a skyjack or something and I'm like "Raise on what mom??"

madamerouge said...

I hate "combo" instead of "combination" at fast food joints.

It's not a word, people!

Butchie said...

I also hate these words:

tuscan grilled
smokehouse chedder

Kendra Holliday said...

I hate the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” because they sound so amateur. I also hate these words:

cum (I cringe every time I spell it that way, but “come” looks so odd)