Monday, February 04, 2008

Pork / Vagina, Vagina / Pork

Sometimes, instead of doing homework, I fill out surveys. Here is part of one I filled out today:

Wait, what? There's a difference between fashion/style and style/fashion? Does the English language work differently in the beauty industry so that "pork and beans" means something completely different than "beans and pork"? Or are they just retarded?

In other news, here is an ad that appeared here recently:

Thanks Google ads!

If your vagina does smell, feel free to click the ads up there and make me some money.

That's right, I'm a sell-out and a corporate whore, and I'm perfectly willing to take advantage of your odour problems if it means a quick buck. Or a quick tenth of a cent, as the case may be.

Now please, leave me, and go take a shower.


sarah said...

hahahah whaaaaaaaa??? Vaginas don't stink! And if they did, how would you permanently eliminate it? I don't understand... and there is a guarantee? Like, "my vagina still has an odor, give me my money back"?? Really? That's so weird. And how did google get to that being what your readers would be interested in clicking?? So many questions!!

Phronk said...

Maybe it's just a strange way of advertising sex change operations. No more vagina, no more vaginal odors.

And yeah, I don't really see why anyone with proper hygiene would need this.