Monday, February 25, 2008

Return of the Living Commercial People

I've written before about how there are actually only a few people in television commercials, who you see over and over again in dozens of different ads (see Night of the Living Commercial People). I have identified another one of these people.

You probably recognize Natalie Brown as the hot chick from the Baileys Irish Cream commercial. You know, the one where the dude is about to wipe the dribble from the shaft of his Baileys bottle, but decides to dump his load in her mouth instead, but then the asshole beside her catches the dribble in his cup, and she looks all unsatisfied. I think it's a pretty good commercial, because at least the blatant sexuality is actually related to the drink.

Anyway, Brown has shown up in plenty of other commercials (apparently she was "the Heinz ketchup girl", whatever that means, and is in that cheesy Freedom 55 commercial). And like other commercial people, she's gone on to bigger things and now has her own show, Sophie. It's Canadian, so it probably sucks, but still, good luck with that.

More importantly, it's a fact that all commercial people are somehow associated with zombies. Brown is no exception. She was in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Apparently I'm not the only one who actually pays attention to commercials. Check out, devoted to finding out who these people are. Not surprisingly, inquiries about females outnumber inquiries about males by more than double. There is some entertaining but sad desperation over there. E.g.:
  • "whos the chick in the first response pregnancy commercial. she is tasty!"
  • "who is that girl? i cant find any pictures of her. i love her haircut! i want a picture of it since im debating on cutting my hair again.
  • "Who is the actress in the blue sweat pants in the Viagra vs. Baseball commercial."
  • "It's an ad for the new Swiffer cleaner. I really like this girl but don't know her name."

Maybe they think they actually have a chance with these people, since they're not real celebrities.

Now excuse me, I have to go dump some more Baileys in my coffee and hope that some hot chick shows up to gobble up my dribbles.


sarah said...

eww... gobble my dribbles.

And hey, I have to talk to you about commercial actors again. Since we last spoke I can barely watch tv without recognizing one of my friends. Toronto is crawling with em. it's just silly.

Phronk said...

It's scary enough seeing these people popping up in different roles all over TV...seeing them in real life too must be horrifying.

Mitzzee said...

j'adore le zombie...maybe a zombie-chic will gobble up your dribbles...they like brains, y not saliva?

Anonymous said...

Guys have you heard the warnings on the Viagra commercials saying that if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours you should call a doctor.