Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Movie Review: The Omega Man

Since Charleton Heston died recently, I decided to dig out one of his old movies, The Omega Man, from my collection of movies I bought then never opened.

The movie is based on Richard Matheson's novella I Am Legend, as long as you are pretty flexible with the term "based on." It's more like taking the book, having the movie start toward the end of it, then making up what happens afterwards. Oh, and completely changing the entire premise. Oh, and adding funky 70s music over the whole thing.

Speaking of which, there is an awesome 70s cheesiness throughout. It's lovely to see Heston shooting vampires that wear sparkly cloaks, while sporting his own old-school fashion.

There's also some hilarious racial stereotypes. I thought this, too, was due to the movie being created in the 70s. However, on the DVD there is an introduction where the creators, today, talk about the movie. One of the writers says, "it was my idea to make Lisa black [...] I really wanted to add some racial pizzazz." Way to tear down barriers.

But I gotta say, Charleton Heston is great in this movie. He is such a lady's man. You would totally bang him.

I cannot fully recommend The Omega Man, though, because every time I say the title, I think of this:

It's very confusing.


Dead Robot said...

Velour suits! He then went on to use neckerchiefs in Soylent Green!

Phronk said...

I hear that stuff is people. People.