Monday, May 05, 2008


Nine Inch Nails are is crazy. Reznor seems to be putting out albums every month now. Just today he released another - The Slip - which can be downloaded totally completely free right now.

I'm listening to it now. While I don't think he's innovated a whole lot musically (it's still great music though), the way of distributing it is novel. Literally, the day the music is finished being created, it can be released to the entire world. I won't say this will change how the whole music industry operates, but it is certainly diversifying the way music can get from the minds of artists to the ears of listeners.

This blog needs more pictures! Here is Iron Man fighting the Incredible Hulk:


Adorable Girlfriend said...

NiN rule supreme. AG is a fan from way back.

Phronk said...

AG rules supreme.