Sunday, June 22, 2008


My last major stop on my trip was Halifax, where I presented research at the Canadian Psychological Association convention. The poster was about my research on the relationship between geomagnetic activity and creativity. Basically I found that when the earth's magnetic field is disturbed by funky stuff going on on the sun, people are more creative. So, you know, pretty out-there stuff. Surprisingly, nobody really challenged it and most found it quite interesting. One person asked me if this means that there is something to magnetic bracelets, and I said no, those are a scam and they are stupid. I think maybe she was wearing one so that was insulting, but dude, they're a scam.

Halifax is a beautiful city. I'd love to live there someday (though maybe I'd regret it come winter). Here are some pictures:

Apparently Halifax has the most pubs per capita in North America, and was populated only because residents were promised free booze for a year. My kind of place.

The Keith's brewery is there, obviously.

Alexander Keith, who was a mayor of Halifax in addition to brewing average-tasting beer, is buried in this graveyard:

We saw Anonymous protesting Scientology. One sign said "honk if you oppose Scientology", but I was on a tour bus at the time, so I just sorta made a honking motion in the air. Because seriously, fuck Scientology.

Peggy's cove, a tiny fishing/tourism village just outside Halifax, is gorgeous. Look:

This girl was chasing two ducks and some giant mutant duck-goose-thing in a prom dress. She was laughing as she tortured the poor birds, while other nicely dressed people took pictures. It was all very surreal.

What the fuck is that thing?

Anyway, Halifax was probably my favourite part of the trip, because I did lots of fun things and ate lots of delicious foods and met lots of awesome people. You should go.


Annalisa Ventola said...

I enjoyed the pictures! I'll always regret not taking more time for sightseeing when I visited Halifax.

I would be interested in reading more about your research. There seem to be connections between paranormal experiences and magnetic fields, as well as paranormal experiences and creativity. So I'm curious about what you've learned. Email me at

Anonymous said...

Curious, is your research based on some sort of clinical trails or "experiment" you have conducted or is it based primarily on existing research and literature?

Also, did you have a chance to try Propeller beer?

Phronk said...

Annalisa: Yep, there are definitely connections with parapsychology there. I'll email you.

Kevbo: It can't properly be called an experiment (since it was all correlational), but it was based on original research that I conducted.

My memory is fuzzy, but I do believe I had Propeller beer. It was some sort of dark Guiness-like beer that was quite good. Ah! Propeller Bitter! Thanks Google!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

We went to Halifax last year and loved it too!

I am so happy you are back, love.

And my blog is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phronk said...

WTF AG? It's not so much broken as nonexistent. I just get a 404 error when I try to go. :(

E Flo said...

Ohhh, the pictures are so pretty. It looks lovely there.

Jason said...

Nice pictures. I have to say, Nova Scotians (in general) are very proud of where they come from. They certainly love their precious "Keets".

Anonymous said...

the best thing is that Keiths isnt even that great of a beer, its mediocre at best

Anonymous said...

Hey! There's a picture of us protesting! :D

I am the guy wearing the pirate costume all the way to the left. :)
The one with the black vest and the white puffy shirt! ^___^

Thanks for spreading the word.

Anony Maus

Phronk said...

Haha that's awesome! Nice shirt. Keep fighting the good fight man.