Thursday, July 03, 2008


I've written about Montreal , British Columbia, Halifax, and Toronto. But I can't forget about the place that's most important to me; good old London Ontario.

People complain about London for different reasons. People from smaller towns think it tries too hard to be a big city. People from big cities think it's too small and boring. Personally, I think it's a nice compromise between a big city and a small town. We avoid the problems of a bigger city, like higher crime, taking two hours to get across town, and paying $1000 a month for a closet-sized apartment. At the same time, there is usually plenty to do - some big-ass concerts have happened at the John Labatt Centre, and smaller acts have plenty of places to go too. There's a nice variety of restaurants. Sunfest is this weekend, and Beerfest is in a few weeks, so there is no shortage of fests.

And you know, after having been all over Canada, I can honestly say that London has the highest proportion of beautiful girls. Since I'm a shallow bastard, that's pretty important. And I don't just mean bleach blond makeup-caked Western students (which there are thankfully less of around in the summer), but girls who are actually attractive.

Most importantly, though, London is where my family and friends are, so that makes it my favourite travel destination. Where else can we spend the evening looking for strangely-shaped peanuts?

And then arranging them in beautiful patterns on a glass of coke?

Hmmm...ok, maybe there really isn't enough to do in London.

At least there are fireworks!

Although this one could easily be the military firing missiles at a giant monster. You can't really tell from the video that it's only fireworks.

I think it would be exciting if a giant monster attacked London every Canada Day. But even though that doesn't happen, London is still a pretty great place to be.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I DISLIKE any one town, but I do like and dislike some towns for various reasons.

I find London a little too small (when I go out by myself, I don't expect to have to say hi to 15 different people I may accidentally run into).

I do like the proximity of London to freshwater beaches, just like I like Lethbridge for its proximity to my beloved mountains.

Whereas, I'd have to disagree about the proportion of attractive girls. I would say Toronto and Vancouver have a very high percentage of attractive girls (especially in the TO downtown core), but then again, I'm more prone to looking at asians than caucasians... so only the EXCEPTIONALLY attractive caucasians stand out.

CultPopCult said...

Great post about London. I definitely see London as the perfect medium between a large city and a small town. It can get a little boring at times but it's clean and there is a lot to do during the summer.

The number of hot girls in the city is unbelievable (and I've lived in Montréal).

Where did that mutant peanut come from?

Dead Robot said...

I've been to London once for Ribfest. SharkBoy and I ate ourselves into a meat-stupor.

After we decided to go to the big mall on the outskirts of town and we stopped a couple to ask for directions: "I think... let's see... You need to go... It's... I have a feeling..."

"Do you actually know or are you burnt out from writing your Soc paper?"

Phronk said...

Von: Well your problem is that you're too popular. If you're antisocial, you rarely run into 15 people every time you go out. And while TO is pretty good in the pretty girl department, I still think London has an edge. Vancouver may beat London if you only consider Asians, but I think it's only in quantity. London has quite the sizeable population of hot Asian girls, believe you me.

Mark: Yeah, Montreal is supposed to have lots of beautiful people, and it does, but I still prefer it here. The mutant peanuts came from the wonderful free peanut buckets at Crabby Joe's.

DR: Mmmm Ribfest. That's another fest to look forward to. But do I detect some racism towards students?

Dead Robot said...

Yes. They're the scourge of the universe! You will never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy than at a student union.

We were laughing, actually. The poor kid was probably from Alberta and thought he could help.

Unknown said...

mmm Beerfest.. there is nothing quite like getting drunk off of a variety of 13 little beers :)

London is definitely one of my favourite places to visit.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Yay for Canada Day.

I've never been to London, ON, but hope to visit someday.

Anonymous said...

Beerfest definitely caught my attention. Hope they don't only serve Canadian beers there though... :P

The way you describe London makes it seem like a paradise compared to this place. What is the best time of the year to take a vacation around that area?

SharkBoy said...

I bought my last bathing suit in London after a horrible wardrobe malfunction while on a camping weekend.

We also saw Snakes On A Plane in London... the town totally rocks.

Phronk said...

Around now is probably the best time for an Ontario vacation, Harry. Dunno if London would be a great place just to's pretty ordinary, but I like it. And no, it's not just Canadian beer at Beerfest. :)

Sharkboy: Ah yes, London is well known for its high quality bathing suits and Snakes on a Plane screenings.