Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rogers Home FAIL

A while ago I posted this flyer that Rogers left in my mailbox:

I mocked the fact that these people appear to be getting extremely excited by a telephone. Well, since then, Rogers has continued their barrage of junk mail and spam phonecalls. I literally got three different ads for Rogers Home Phone in my mailbox yesterday. How many trees have died trying to sell me something I will never, ever buy? But instead of complaining, I will do what any good geek should do; continue to mercilessly mock their shitty advertising on my blog.

This came with my last bill:

It appears to be a continuation of their "smiling kid stuck to my face while looking at mundane things" ad campaign. This one is a new low, since it's not even a fancy free phone, but a new design for a bill. The kid is gesturing at the new layout, all like "holy shit mom! There never used to be a box around the account summary! And is that Lucida Sans Serif font I see?!"

Maybe the random stock photography would make more sense if it was something kids these days are actually, oh, I dunno:

And is it just me, or do the lady's hands look freakishly big, and are her arms at such an angle that they would have to be seven feet long for her to be typing like that?

Oh but now I'm just being nitpicky.


Dead Robot said...




Raymi Lauren said...

they've been harassing me forevs i finally answered their call yesterday and got a ton of attitude from the least friendliest telemarketing cunt on staff i said im happy as is, dont want to sign a new contract, dont need a new phone, dont call me again i'll call you. for the last two weeks rogers was my 10am wake up call.

Phronk said...

Such asswipes. 10:00 is way too early to be answering phones. I like how they have a pre-chosen response any time you interrupt them. Like "I already have a cell phone from you"; "well sir, did you know that you have a limited number of minutes on your cell phone?"



Jennifer said...

That chick's arms are totally creeping me out now.

Anonymous said...

There is an alternative explanation to this photo...

Little girl: "Who's that, mommy?"

Mother: "That's Phronk. Rogers wired his home with tiny secret webcams after he said naughty things about them on his blog. Now we can watch him at anytime, even on my web-enabled phone!"

Little girl: "Mommy, what is Phronk doing there?

Mother: "Let's zoom in Mister Camera so we can get a better look... [computer plays scary Rogers "doDodo" theme tune]...oh, that's Phronk going potty."

Little girt & mother: "Hehehehe!"