Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bell, Bring Back Beavers

Have you seen this new Bell Canada ad? The father asks the ugly teen kid where the laptop is. He says he checked email in his room, played video games in the living room, and watched videos on the deck with it. The dad immediately becomes uncomfortable; "don't tell me," he says. The bathroom. I LEFT IT IN THE BATHROOM, the kid emphasizes.

Wait, did I just witness a masturbation joke on mainstream television?

Because here is the complete list of things that ugly teenagers do with computers:
-> Email
-> World of Warcraft
-> Youtube
-> Porn

It's process of elimination here.

Beavers have their own set of jokes, but that's better than family chats about shaking hands with Mr. Winky. Please Bell, bring back Frank and Gordon.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get that at all from the commercial. I've never used the computer in the bathroom for masturbation. It was mostly chatting and playing games.

Dead Robot said...

The old guy was a teacher of mine from improv class. Snotty sonovabitch who at the end of scenes, made vapid critiques to the guys and got really involved with the girls' comedic development.

So I hate that commercial doubly so.

Oh let's say Triply because of the print ads are just utterly stupid.

Yvonne said...

I just read in the bathroom (whether it's on a laptop or in a book), and it disgusts my boy. Perhaps that's what the ad's referring to? My preferred porn locale would be in the bedroom.

I haven't seen the ads myself, since I don't have a TV anymore.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the nasty brown looking finger that the kid points at his Dad when he says he remembers where it is. Is that how the Dad knows where the laptop is??? Or am I totally off base?

Phronk said...

OK I don't jerk off in the bathroom with my laptop either, but maybe if I was 15 and living with my parents with no lock on my bedroom door...

And sure that's not the main intention of the commercial, but I'm sure they thought of it and wanted people to discuss it. I never noticed the brown finger, but that brings in a whole new level of wrong.

And that's hilarious that you knew the guy, DR.

sarah said...

That did not cross my mind. I thought he meant he had it in the bathroom using the toilet, doi. Who would masturbate in the bedroom. He would have assume that???? Obviously people with masturbation on the mind. Ahem, phronk. That kid is awesome and I love his performance AND the beavers should die long painful deaths. That's my firm opinion.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that commercial was about pooping?

Anonymous said...

I'm SO SICK of that ad. The first time I saw it, I thought it was funny, since you get what they're hinting at at the last moment. But the next time you see it, you KNOW what they're both thinking about...the son jerking off on his father's laptop. Who would want to experience 30 seconds of that uncomfortable hinting OVER AND OVER during every single commercial break? It averages about once every 10 minutes! After the 20th time it started to piss me off. I keep changing the channel the second it comes on, but then if I don't change it back quickly enough, I miss part of the show. apparently A Channel and Bell want to discourage everyone from being their customers. Wouldn't it make more sense to encourage people to WANT to have Bell?? So not only is it disgusting and annoying, but it's financially STUPID. Maybe they think having everyone talk about the ad is the important thing, so we'll be thinking about Bell Canada. But making someone think about you in a disgusting way isn't going to encourage them to become your customer. I guess they want us to stop watching cable tv and illegally DOWNLOAD the shows without ads, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm cancelling my cable tv and just downloading shows from now on...and I'll get rid of Bell phone service while I'm at it. Every other company is cheaper than Bell anyway.