Monday, September 15, 2008

TV is Garbage

If there's one thing that can distract from recent crappiness, it's the new Fall TV season. Tonight the new season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles starts. Last season was OK, but I wasn't really planning on watching this one. That is, until I heard who was joining the cast.

Shirley fucking Manson! I fell in love with her the moment I first saw the video for Garbage's Queer way back in 1995. She's got that little bit of ugliness that actually enhances her beautifulness, and that heartbreaking singing voice with just a hint of Scottish accent. Ahhhh. I didn't know she could act too; maybe she can't, but I'll be tuning in (*) to find out.

The show also has the always-awesome and sometimes-attractive Summer Glau in it.

And yeah, I know, for a busy grad student, I watch too much TV. But must I remind you that part of my research is studying reactions to media like TV and movies? It's all for science.

(*)I like how "tuning in" is still used even though television hasn't required tuning of any kind in decades.


Correction: It premiered last week but I missed it. If only the technology was available to somehow get, like, a torrent of the bits that make up the show, so I can catch up and continue to watch it.


Anonymous said...

I always loved Shirley Manson, even more for her history of cutting and depression, and having to overcome it. Plus her music rocked... :)

Actually, she even did a dommy cameo in the music video "These Things" by She Wants Revenge.

I loved it, and I'm sure she provided her own outfits for it.

Anonymous said...

I thought it premiered last week. Well in that case, I won't ruin what character she is.

Garbage will always be awesome. Brings back the good memories of High School, which were few and far between.

Jenn said...

mmm must get cable.

Phronk said...

Von: I totally Youtubed that video. HOT. She could poke me with her high heels any time.

Harry: Yeah you're right, I completely missed it last week. And I'm Only Happy When it Rains, like, sums up high school for me.

Jenn: Dooo it. TV is so much better than having a life. :)

Anonymous said...

I love TV.

G. Harrison said...

ok, i have to admit here that i'm old(er) and there is no cure for it.

so, I won't 'get' Terminator.

I only watch the first 5 minutes of CSI: Miami so i can hear what Horatio has to say just before the screaming Intro. ("Frank. This one is truly dead."

However, I think Summer Glau is ON.


gord h.