Friday, September 19, 2008

Your Regularly Scheduled Program

This is one of those posts where I'm like "I don't feel like working, so I'll go blog. Oh wait, I don't have anything to blog about. I'll just start writing."

I'm thinking a good way to meet people is to adopt a schedule. Then, if someone has a similar schedule in a similar place, you will see them on a regular basis. You see this in movies all the time, where two people are always at the bus stop every morning, or do their laundry or grocery shopping at the same time, and they get to talking.

You could say movies aren't reality, but that's not entirely true. The best movies take little slices of truth and put them on screen. But they only slice out the most interesting bits, so that rare occurrences are commonplace in movies. It's like, if you look through someone's photo album, or even your own, and think "wow, look at all those good times; this person must have such an exciting life." Sure, but you're only seeing the three times a year that were exciting enough to take pictures of. If a picture album was representative of real life it would be 99 pages of people sitting at computers or hammering nails or driving somewhere or watching TV for every 1 page of partying it up and having a great time.

[Fight Club] You are not the contents of your fucking Facebook album [/Fight Club]

This morning on our walk through the for-est, Willow and I happened upon a bong in its natural habitat:

Oh yeah, I was talking about schedules. The thing with grad school is that I rarely do anything at the same time every day or week. I always put in my works hours - sometimes several in a single day - but not with regularity.

So my new plan for picking up chicks is to force myself to be regular (no scat humour intended). This is now a dating blog. I will come up with new ways to pick up chicks every day, then come back and report on my failures (and occasional successes?), and you will laugh and have a great time.


Jennifer said...

I think I may actually have 99 pages of Mike hammering nails. Good to know I am keepin it real on Facebook. Ha.

Jason said...

Ya, I see the same people at the bus stop everyday. Then, when one stops showing up, I wonder what new job they have or where they moved to. I wish I would have said hello to this one guy that stop showing up.

Phronk said...

Aw that is sad Jason. I guess it goes to show that we should just say hi when we feel like saying hi. Regret sucks ass.