Friday, October 10, 2008

Food Logic, Volume 8: Coffee + Buttercream Icing

Premise 1: Buttercream icing goes good on cake.
Premise 2: There is such a thing as coffee cake.

Conclusion: Buttercream icing goes good with coffee.

This is honestly not bad. The icing dissolved into the coffee easily, with not a chunk or curdle to be found. A thin oily layer on top let me know that buttercream icing might actually contain butter.

A lot of icing is needed to make a difference to the taste of the coffee, but what a taste it is. Icing has a distinct flavour above and beyond simply being sweet; like how vanilla birthday cake ice cream (you can get it at Marble Slab) tastes way different than plain vanilla ice cream. Similarly, icing adds something more than just sugar to coffee. It adds that ineffable fake-yet-delicious birthday flavour; it's literally like a party in your mouth.


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On another note...since I write about food so much, I'm thinking of starting another blog focused solely on delicious and not-so-delicious foods. Stay tuned.

Oh and if you haven't checked out my Scrapbook, be sure to do so. It is sure to provide several seconds of pure entertainment.


tornwordo said...

I like two tongues up, it sounds like a hot name for a band, restaurant or even brothel!

And that "that's what she said" detention slip was hilarious.

Sean Wraight said...

Once again Monsieur Phronk you made my weekend! I really think you should consider a cookbook of 'invented' recipes!


Loved the Economist cover too.

Well done.


Phronk said...

Haha thank you kind sirs.

Raymi Lauren said...

ew two tongues up nice one