Friday, October 17, 2008

This is Why I Blog


My dear dear Phronk!
I have something gloriously odd to share with you.
I was skimming through your scrapbook on your blog today and I stumbled across not one, but TWO pictures on there that I've used as references for watercolor paintings in the past year. It freaked me out a little bit that someone halfway across this continent finds beauty in the same places that I do. -- Sadie

Go see:

Painting #1:

Painting #2:

Isn't that spooky / amazing?


Unknown said...

LOVE the second painting!

lori said...

oh! sunmyst beat me to the punch, so I'll, um, say it like this?

J'adore la deuxieme peinture!

(Also, that's a pretty cool connection -- especially since I haven't seen either painting before.)