Friday, October 31, 2008

Time Management

Oh man, I am having one of those weeks when I'm so busy, that every moment of time is accounted for. I'm writing this post in the, literally, 5 free minutes I have today. There is no point to this other than that I haven't blogged in a few days and feel that I should.

Here are some things that are awesome despite stressful times:
  • My dog Willow is over visiting and I love her so much.
  • I just got a new MacBook Pro. More on that later.
  • It's friggin Halloween.



Dead Robot said...

PLEASE find the time to write about the MBP. I am thinking of not getting a Mac for one.

carmilevy said...

I love weeks like this, when the days are so packed that you look back at bedtime in disbelief at how much you've been able to chew through.

Looking forward to your perspectives on the new machine. I keep thinking that every laptop will eventually have a backlit keyboard. It's such a no-brainer. If my doorstopper BlackBerry has one, why not my laptop?

tornwordo said...


John B. Kendrick said...

Don't hold out for a non-Mac laptop, especially with the refreshed model line. We have been using Mac's since 2006, even though I manage a computer training center with 70 Windows machines.

I've written about my experiences and the advantages and things to consider when switching from Windows to a Mac on my blog at . You might want to have a read as you prepare to switch

Phronk said...

I'll definitely write about the new computer soon. The backlit keyboard is indeed very nice. I tried turning it up just now to see it, even though I'm in a very bright room, and it wouldn't even work because the Mac KNOWS it's bright enough. Smart! I guess.

sixty-six said...

i heart my macbook pro