Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pushing Buttons

The other day, I was over at Zucket, and saw that Sass's musical friend Caitlin Burgess had played a show recently. At that show, she sold her CDs, along with a free button for anyone who bought one. Since I had bought her CD earlier, but did not get a free button, I was all like "waaaahhh I didn't get a free button!"

Then Caitlin Burgess got even awesomer than she was before, and sent me not one but TWO free buttons!

I promised to put one on my backpack. Because you know, I often stick stuff to my backpack, and, this happens all the time, people will come up to me and be like "what's that thing stuck to your backpack?" And I'll be like "it's a button for this up and coming musician," and they're like "you are awesome and talented yourself, so you must have good taste in music; thank you for the recommendation," and then when this happens enough, that musician will become popular and pretty much take over the world.

This happened with the Ramones back in '74 and I suspect it will happen again.

Oh, but here's a true story: Once I was outside Starbucks, and a girl came up to me and asked me with great enthusiasm, "where did you get that backpack???" I told her that I forget, since I've had the same backpack for like 12 years. Probably some place in Masonville mall.

Now look, my backpack is not all that fancy:

But then this girl, she said something vague like how it was a really nice backpack, and they were very rare and hard to find. And I was like "OK. Weird." But looking back on it, I think maybe she was just finding an excuse to talk to me and trying to pick me up, but I was my typical clueless self even though I think she was at least mildly attractive.

Uh, but, back on topic, Caitlin Burgess is awesome, both because she sent me buttons, and because of her truly beautiful music.

Here she is covering Umbrella:

Here is an original song:

If you like it, buy the CD cheap at eMusic, or wherever.


Anonymous said...

phronk you rock, haha thanks for the post! and if i do say so myself, that button looks damn good on your backpack...
- caitlin

Phronk said...

Thank YOU. It does look good eh? I've gotten so many compliments. Not out loud so much, but I see it in people's eyes.

Anonymous said...

It's great to learn about new music. Keep em' coming.