Friday, November 14, 2008

Uuungh Huungh Huuungh Huuuuungh

There's this group of undergraduate students that has set up camp down the hall from my office. They sit there all day, and I assume they are calling it "studying" because their textbooks are out, but really all they do is watch Youtube videos and laugh their asses off.

Now, I'm usually not a complainer, especially about noise, because hey, life is noisy, but dude, one of these guys, he has the most annoying laugh I have ever heard. It's all inhalation. All throat. It's like a goose honking for help while it chokes on vomit. Like Eddie Murphy if he had a head cold and brain damage. Like someone playing a broken trumpet while they have a seizure.

The worst part is that it's starting to rub off on his friends. One girl has adopted this same bizarre reaction to humour, except higher pitched. Maybe they don't realize that people actually, you know, use all those offices around them.

Now, an appropriate reaction to this post is: "Why are complaining in your blog instead of just going and politely asking them to quiet down?", and my appropriate reaction is: "Because I'm too much of a pussy. And also, fuck you. It's my blog. Whatever. I do what I want."


Anonymous said...

That sounds intolerable.

SharkBoy said...

You should post your rant on YouTube, best way to reach them I think.

Anonymous said...

Bro....tell them who's boss....and it's not Tony Danza.
How's your novel coming? Can I read some when I am home for xmas?

Phronk said...

Jack: It is. Luckily I can work from home sometimes.

Sharkboy: Haha, good idea. I'd just have to make sure it's not very funny.

Sister? What are you doing on my blog? My novel is half done. If I can edit it by xmas MAYBE you can read some. Looking forward to seeing you.

Wait...if it's not Tony Danza, then WHO'S THE BOSS?