Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I think all of us have extraordinary mental powers in certain limited conditions. One of mine is the ability to remember which CDs in my collection are missing out of their cases. I realized this when I came across a pile of CDs, and was incredibly happy that I could go through this mental list in my head and check a few off. (Another former list member was Nirvana's Nevermind, which, for years, I was quite torn up about losing, but then one day opened the case and found it there, all scratched up and covered in coffee and paint stains).

These powers manifest differently for different people. I know several people who can produce an exact quote from The Simpsons to fit any situation, along with the entire plot of the episode the quote came from. Others can identify any of tens of thousands of songs from hearing only the first few seconds.

If only these Rain Man powers could be put toward something useful, then ... well, the world would be a much less interesting place. So screw that.


On a related note: I usually don't have any strong feelings about celebrities, but I truly dislike Jenny McCarthy. Her ignorant but loudly spouted beliefs about autism and vaccinations are literally killing people. She should go back to blabbing about psychic Indigo children from another dimension instead of pretending she's a doctor; at least then, people would be more apt to realize she is batshit insane.


madamerouge said...

So totally batshit insane. Amanda Peet got into a bit of a sparring match with her about the autism debate. She was quoted in a magazine saying that people like McCarthy are "parasites." LOVE IT.


Phronk said...

Yeah Amanda Peet is awesome for using her own celebrity powers to fight back against the insanity. She has no business playing doctor either, but at least she is drawing attention to science rather than just making shit up.

Jen said...

You should try to get a copy of Toronto writer Andrew Kaufman's book "All my friends are superheroes" - it's one of the sweetest little books I've ever read, and features little superpowers like yours :)

sirbarrett said...

Yea, the vaccine argument as far as I know was based on the correlation of low autism rates amongs Old Order Mennonite children and the fact that many Old Order Mennonites do not use vaccines. The correlation between low autism rates in Mennonites and the fact that they don't watch television contributed to the theory that early exposure to television could cause Autism. (None of these theories have been proven).

So you think Jenny is insane eh? As insane as her boyfriend Jimmy?

Anonymous said...

I love your power. I wish I had it. Mind your head--I may try to steal it.

My feelings on McCarthy, Peet, inoculations and Autism are too heated and lengthy to share.

Phronk said...

Jen: Oh, yeah, I saw that movie Man on the Moon about him. Haha...but really, All My Friends are Superheroes looks awesome. Added to my list. Thanks!

SirBarret: Ugh, that is such bad evidence to base life-or-death decisions on. Jim Carrey must be insane to be going along with McCarthey's crap, but at least he's not so vocal about it. And he was awesome in Man on the Moon.

Jack: No I will not give you head. I mean, give you my head.