Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My research involves horror movies. Preparing to run a study, I've been going through horror movies in slow motion, finding specific frames of scary and non-scary imagery to show people. I love my job.

Today I went to Blockbuster to try finding the next movie to analyze, Jaws. Unfortunately, they didn't have it on the shelf. On the off chance that it was in the wrong place or I missed it, I went up to the counter and asked about it. The lovely young lady immediately reached behind her and whipped out the super-special edition DVD. They'd got it in just hours before, and hadn't even put it on the shelf yet.

WTF? What are the chances that a random 30 year old movie I need happens to be sitting right beside the person I ask about it? Coincidence? Or SHARK MAGIC?

Speaking of which, I need this shirt (see Fulci, 1980):

I can just alternate between that shirt and this one which I obviously already wear almost every day:

See also:


Fulci, L. (1980). Zombi 2.


SeangSTM said...

Fulci's Zombie (or Zombi 2) immediately popped into my head with that first shot.

Best shot in that movie has to be the eye poke, though...holy crap, I still can't watch it.

Phronk said...

Yeah I can't think of that movie without remembering that scene and having my eye twitch.

SharkBoy said...

totally jawsome post... oh and I love the naked chick swimming in teh Z vs S poster... "classé"!

Worst zombie moment for me is in the original Dawn of the Dead when the biker guy gets torn apart in the middle of the mall... that made me a bit queezy at the time...

Jaws is a classic made even better because the robotshark they had kept breaking down forcing the director to force the thrills in other way... some amazing camera shots all through the movie, even a couple stolen from Hitchock, the master.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Mistake #1: Going to Blockbuster.

They are washed-up.

Phronk said...

Sharkboy: I knew you'd show up here. :) Yeah I just watched Jaws, and it's awesome in its minimalism. It's too bad something has to break for a director to work in some subtlety.

AG: True, but it's on the way home. And it's not like Best Buy is much of a better option.

Dale said...

Haha, love those shirts!