Friday, February 27, 2009

Religion / Religoff

If I had to turn to a religion, it would be Buddhism. It seems to be the only one that is concerned with how things are (or aren't), rather than how we wish they were.

Oh and I'm happy to see that the atheist bus campaign has started in Toronto. I'm less happy, though not surprised, that a lot of people have a problem with it. Up until now, there have been countless church signs and ads for various forms of Christianity plastered all over the place. They explicitly attack other beliefs systems and spread questionable beliefs. Yet this realistically cautious, positive little message is offensive?

Maybe they should fight fire with fire?


Darius Whiteplume said...

I would think Toronto would love that!

As far as a "if I had to do it" religion, I'd go with George Carlin for sun worship. See a clip I posted here.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Religion should remain in the home.

No. Really!

Anonymous said...

"If I had to turn to a religion, it would be Buddhism. It seems to be the only one that is concerned with how things are (or aren't), rather than how we wish they were."

I love it! I've been saying that for years! I've been taking "religion" classes since I was young (elementary and in high school). I say 'religion' because they only taught christianity & catholicism. When I got older, I decided to actually learn and took some various 'world religion' classes in college and learned quite a bit. I couldn't teach the finer points of each one, but it was an enlightening experience.

Its amazing how people just tend to do (and follow) what their family & peers suggest.

Btw... you make your hometown seem really cool.

Phronk said...

Darius: I'm sure most people are fine with it, but there's always a passionate minority of fucktards.

AG: I dunno. Religion is a big part of a lot of peoples' lives. I don't think religious preference should be hidden or confined to the home any more than fashion preferences. But at the same time, I think people should be able to display whatever religious views they want as long as they're not forcing it on others and attacking dissent, just like people should be able to wear whatever they want as long as they don't force their clothes on other people.

Harry: Yeah it's great to study other religions, and I wish I knew more about them all. I think if people bothered learning about other peoples' beliefs, they'd realize how fragile and fallible their own beliefs are. No matter what we believe, it's just one belief out of thousands, and we're probably wrong about a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

First of all I'm jealous that you thought of "religoff" before I did. I hope you suffer eternal damnation in hell.

Anyways, I'm on the same wavelength with Buddhism. I've been doing a lot of kind of shallow research on it lately and finding a lot there that works for me (but even Buddhism has its share of doctrinal, ritual stuff that doesn't have much to do with reality).

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that either faction would have the wherewithal to pay for a campaign of any kind.

tornwordo said...

Yay, I love that campaign. I think it invites people to *think* instead of the opposite, which of course is *don't think*.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Phronk. SOME people tend to be hypocrites when it comes to what they believe in. As in, they are right and everyone else, including other denominations of the same religion...are wrong, wrong, wrong.

You know if that had been, say, advertised in Colorado, the people would have been screeching
... "Persecution! Oh woe is me!" Blah blah blah.

*rolls eyes*

Although I admit I'd love to read Dani's reaction to it in her blog... I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

i gave up church for lent

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Jesus, but I adore these. I wish we'd have stuff like this in my hometown. I love witty people who think of this stuff. Hoorah!

Phronk said...

Brian: True, there is a lot of silly stuff in Buddhism too (e.g., reincarnation). I think its core beliefs about the nature of the universe are pretty solid though, and the Dalai Lama has expressed that if science disproves any Buddhist beliefs, Buddhism would abandon them.

Jack: It is a bit strange that people have the desire to spread their beliefs like that. But I'm cool with advertising reflecting the variety of opinions that exist.

Tornwordo: Yeah exactly. Anything that gets people to question their own beliefs is great.

Branwynne: Haha I'd love to see Dani's reaction too. But I think you've already accurately guessed what it would be.

Fatrobot: I gave up lent for lent.

Sadie: That's awesome. And that's the thing, people should be able to love whatever they want and still know and appreciate that different people love different things. Like, I'm always amused by funny positive church signs, and can usually even share some of the messages behind them even if i don't believe in their supernatural inspiration.

Yvonne said...

Somehow, I think this is like a campaign based off of Bill Maher's "Religulous" movie (as well as books like the Dawkin's "God Delusion").

Although sometimes, I don't know why it matters. I like the campaigns, but I find it hypocritical that we should have fundamentalist atheists against fundamentalist religious nuts.

I'm happily on the fence, not knowing. I'm not sure if I'm atheist or apatheist or agnostic. Do I really have to make a choice? I'm pro-choice, but not pro-forced-choices.