Monday, March 09, 2009

Ugly Car Crash Cake

To be honest, I forget who we made this cake for, or who came up with the idea, since it was created many years ago. But what an idea it was: a cake depicting a car accident in Africa.

I love old Polaroid pictures. We take it for granted now, but back then I was overjoyed with the ability to snap a picture with my Polaroid Joycam then immediately see what it looks like.

The tree and grass were made of various vegetables and herbs. It was a very healthy cake. Jard came up with dying some lasagna grey to create guard rails, ensuring that the cake contains all four food groups.

Notice the attention to detail, like the curious rhinos coming over the hill to see what the racket is about.

The guts of the unfortunate car occupants and giant antelope are made from grade-A 100% pure pepperoni stick. I said it had all four food groups. It was mostly edible, and delicious as always.

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BREAKING NEW UPDATE: Nick has used his incredible process-of-elimination powers to figure out whose cake this was. It was created in the summer. There are 3 cake recipients with summer birthdays. Jard was with us when we made it, so not his. Danna outlawed the use of meat on her cakes after several past incidents. Therefore, it must have been....JEFF'S. Hm. Yeah.


S said...

I'm hungry. Cut me a slice of roadkill.

Salem said...

::slowly clapping::

brilliant. I love this series.

Shora said...

Nobody makes roadkill cakes, or gash cakes, or cat poop cakes for people with birthdays on Jan 2nd or 3rd. You notice that? Life sucks.

David Tech Guy said...

Yeah, I'm not even for sure a Los Angeles car accident attorney could appreciate that cake, lol.