Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Search Terms Used to Find

  • what is your vagina suppose to look like

  • vigina eating man horror

  • the little mermaid porn

  • Tony Shaffer porn

  • fetus cake

  • characteristic of rage

  • ""
    (did you really need Google to find the address?)

  • Dr. Jason McCargar

  • meaning and origin of bovine

  • do hamsters play dead?
    (Awww. All I can imagine is a little kid finding their hamster lying there, unmoving and lifeless. "Hamsters play dead all the time, right dad?" "I'm busy son. Just Google it.")


    sarah said...

    I never thought about it before, but now I'm curious about what your vagina is supposed to look like. Do you tell us here on your blog?

    Phronk said...

    Of course. I will devote a future post to what my vagina is supposed to look like.

    Jason said...

    What happened to that poor guy's eye? He looks v. smart.

    Phronk said...

    I dunno, what did happen to Dr. Jason McCargar's eye?

    madamerouge said...

    In university, we used to shout "Doctor Mah-CARGAR!" to him while drinking, three times in succession. Like a drinking chant.

    So. Many. Drinks.

    Butchie said...

    Dr. Jason McCarger, master proctologist.