Friday, May 08, 2009

London Boobs

Bad news, London. The abandoned club at the train tracks on Oxford, near Talbot, is reopening, but not as a strip club. This will come as a surprise to anyone who is used to that location housing such legendary strip joints as The Fabulous Forum, and, uh, Legends.

I walk by there frequently, because while I like to keep my friends close, I keep my enemies closer. Before it went into hiding, Legends and I were not on speaking terms. We were involved in an unfortunate falling out that I'd rather not discuss. But anyway, I walked by there, and saw signs advertising jobs, and in bold letters, NOT A STRIP CLUB.

The face of London has changed.

They were also repainting the place.

"Park cars" will not only get painted - they will get painted brown.

And speaking of changes in The Forest City, long-time downtown resident Galleria has changed its name. It's now Citi Plaza, and fully embracing its destiny as a multi-use community center type of thing rather than a pure mall.

It's even got hot chicks working out with very large men! But ... oh ... wait, anyone who's been to the Goodlife Fitness there knows that the place in the photo is clearly not the one in Galleria Citi Plaza. But hey, why show off the actual multi-million dollar improvements when it's so much easier to just use stock photos?

To add to the FAIL, check out Brian Frank's thoughts on how it might have been a bit of a mistake to associate downtown London with the Citi brand.

And speaking of London bloggers, there's been a flurry of activity lately about the local blogging "scene", and whether it's really a "scene" or not. I'd rather just do my own thing than try to fit into any sort of movement, but it is true that us London bloggers will probably overtake the world in wave of creativity not seen since the 70s punk scene or the Cubists. Check out thoughts from Dan Brown, Kevin Van Lierop, and Brian Frank again.

P.S. The title of this post is very clever, because it refers to 3 meanings of the word "boob," all of them appropriate here.


Brian said...

I think that workout picture was one of the more authentic-looking ones. I didn't realize how damn stylish everyone is around that place -- not the impression I get using the library entrance off Dundas.

Jennifer said...

I want to know the story of the stripper.

Anonymous said...

The story of the stripper should be told every Christmas. Please Phronk, share it with us:)

Phronk said...

Brian: Haha yeah, none of the pictures plastered everywhere are very realistic. From those you'd think downtown is full of a multicultural group of people who all wears suits and conduct serious business there.

Jen and Anonymous Dan: I will never tell the stripper story.

Jennifer said...

Did you forget there is no sex in the champagne room?

Dan Brown said...

Mike: Enough of London boobs. What about Arva boobs?