Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Almost Like ESP

Popular psychologist Richard Wiseman is currently conducting a unique study that uses Twitter to gather research participants. He's seeing if his Twitter followers can engage in remote viewing to detect where Richard is located (explanation here). So the idea is that Richard goes to a randomly chosen location, then asks people on Twitter to use their psychic powers to give any impressions about where he is, then later choose which of 5 locations they think he was at.

When he gave the go-ahead this morning, I was happy to participate.  Here's what I tweeted to him:


I also acted like a real remote-viewer and scribbled a few drawings:

Then it came time to pick which location I thought he was at, out of these five:

Well look at that! My posts, railings, and concrete all over the place. But I thought the most striking resemblence was between my middle picture and his middle picture (C), so that's the one I guessed.

Unfortunately, that wasn't where he was. He was at D.  So if I am psychic, it's only for my future experience, not for remote viewing a real location.

Wiseman's experiment isn't really unique except for the Twitter aspect. Similar studies have been done many times, and strangely, usually find above-chance results (i.e., people are able to guess where the remote person is more often than if they were guessing). It's also full of holes and flaws in its methodology (so many that I hope the true purpose of the study is remaning hidden and this is all a cover story for a better study).  Still, it's good to see psychic phenomena - which the majority of people in the world believe in with little question - getting some attention and new technology applied to it. I think both religious and scientific bigotry have kept good research from being done in this area, and I hope we can overcome silly taboos to engage in more of it.

Go follow Wiseman on Twitter to participate - it's going for a few more days. Or see his blog for more details and results.


EVILFLU said...

whoa that is really cool! That circle thing is soo the same thing which definitely makes you semi-psychic. Way cool!

Dan Brown said...

Phronk: I'm seeing a bald white guy . . . it's either me or you.

Mark said...

I'm seeing a brown bottle. No, that's wish fulfillment, not remote viewing.

Phronk said...

EvilFlu: I know eh? I promise I'll use these powers for evil.

Dan: No that's definitely Richard Wiseman you're seeing. You're psychic too! Man, bald white guys are taking over the internet.

Mark: I see the same thing whenever I close my eyes. Most of the time when I open them too.