Friday, July 17, 2009


A while back I wrote about the crumbling line between the internet and "real life". Not only have I run into 3 different Twitter-people (I refuse to say tweeple) in the last 24 hours, but check out local blogger Brian Frank's latest post that demonstrates this perfectly.

We now live in a world where two people can inadvertently broadcast thoughts about each other to the world, and only realize it later. Luckily in this case there was no use of the words "some douchebag" (although there was a bit of insulting of laundry skills); however, I imagine as we move in the future, the sentence "there is some jerk beside me on his phone, probably blogging about me while I tweet about him blogging about me tweeting about him" will not only make perfect sense, but express an everyday occurance.

Which reminds me of my new favourite 3-letter acronym: APU (as per usual).


Erica said...

I realized today that at work I sit within throwing distance of 5 of my twitter friends.
Also, if it weren't for the trees, I could probably see the building you work in. Creepy? ;)

shine said...

I like.

Also, I'm no longer convinced that there is a line between the internets and real life. It's just that I live in Dallas, where there are apparently two other bloggers. And I already knew one of them. So I don't really meet people.

Having said that, I'm totally meeting a blogging buddy on my trip to Seattle next week. And if I'm ever in your neck of the Canadian woods, you better expect a visit (and a trip for avocado fries).

sarah said...

tweople... sheesh.

Anonymous said...

If you see me wandering around London please say hi

Phronk said...

Erica: Hehe, so creepy. Just don't buy binoculars because you could probably see right into my office window in the winter. :)

Shine: How does a city like 4 times bigger than London have less bloggers? Weird. And hell yes I expect a visit.

Sarah: It's spelled tweeple. Sheeeeesh.

Lainy: I will! If I recognize you and don't feel awkward.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, come again.