Friday, July 17, 2009

Joel Plaskett at Aeolian Hall, July 16th

Joel Plaskett played last night at Aeolian Hall. It was a fantastic show; the dude is ridiculously talented. For the majority of the concert, he played completely solo, just him singing and one of three different guitars.

Aeolian Hall is tiny, so everyone at the sold-out show got good seats. It felt very intimate, with Plaskett telling the stories behind his songs to the rapt audience. When people shouted out requests, he was happy to drop whatever plans he had to accommodate them. This sort of audience interaction, along with some improvisation and alternate versions of his songs, elevated the show way above a live rendition of his albums.

For me, music is all about emotion, and Plaskett really gives the impression that he is feeling what he's singing.

He was joined by Peter Elkas for several portions of the show. I gotta admit, I'd never heard of him before last night (though he seemed vaguely familiar), but he was a great compliment to Plaskett's music and humour.

The dudes even stayed around after the show to sign stuff and chat with fans. I shook Joel's hand! OMG! But anyway, I highly recommend seeing Joel Plaskett live if given the chance. Best show I've seen in a long time.

Oh and I managed to win two tickets to another show at the Hall in August, because I am very skilled at winning random draws. Who wants to be my date?


Anonymous said...

Fully agree with everything you said. One of the best shows I've been to in a long time and such a great venue. With roughly 300 people there, each person wanted to be there.

Are you heading back for the remaining shows this weekend?

Phronk said...

Not at Aeolian, but I'll probably hit up the free ones in Victoria Park.

Brian said...

Damn I wanted to go to this but kind of lost track. Poor planning has screwed me again.

Steven Allen Adams said...

Don't know who they are, but glad you enjoyed it.

Phronk said...

Brian: I know, planning is hard. Luckily I wrote it down on my hand.

Steven: He's extremely Canadian.

EVILFLU said...

He is really really good! Almost reminds me a wee bit of Ryan Adams.

I really need to start venturing out and listening to more music. Right now I'm stuck on anything that's popular and it's getting boring.

Glad you had fun!

Jessica said...

I cried at this show, it was so amazing. Not a full out bawl but there were definite tears in my eyes.

I regret not going up to meet him afterward ;(

Phronk said...

I was definitely emotionally moved at a few points too.

Thank you for using the winky frowning smilie. Definitely the most underused of the emoticons.

Jessica said...

Haha, I love winky frowning smilie. I'm sure I overuse it enough to make up for all the under-appreciators.