Sunday, October 04, 2009

Kindness and Attraction in London Ontario

Here's a follow-up to my other sellout post about Lenzr. The latest contest is for Ontario Tourist Attractions (sponsored by... wait for it... here's the link I'm being paid for ... Kanetix insurance & mortgage rate quotes). Take pictures of Ontario's tourist attractions and you could win $200.00. Nice.

It got me thinking about London's tourist attractions. And how we, uh, really don't have any. But if I had to choose one, it wouldn't be a building or a location at all, but a person. Roy McDonald has been entertaining London and visitors to London for decades. On almost any given weekend evening, he can be found outside the bars on Richmond Row, sporting a kickass beard while singing or reciting poetry. He's been a permanent downtown fixture for as long as I can remember, and should definitely be an attraction to any London tourists.

And hey, look at this picture of Roy with another London legend, the Town Crier. No London event would be complete without this guy.

In other local news, check out 1000 Acts of Kindness, a project that aims to eliminate hate by spreading kindness here in L-dot. Of course no single site is going to eliminate hate, but even a single additional act of kindness is making the city a better place. Go help reach their goal of describing 1000 acts of kindness by doing something good for another person. It's not hard.


Brian said...

That would be Bill Paul on the left. There was a discussion at the library last week about different kinds of media (Socrates Cafe, last Monday of every month btw); both of those guys, obviously, had a lot to say about face-to-face/word-of-mouth media -- the original "interactivity" -- and I was fairly humbled by that.

Phronk said...

Ah, Bill Paul! I've always wondered what his real name is. One of those sketchy ones with two first names. I see how it is.

There is something definitely to be said for face to face word of mouth that no amount of social media can replace.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Roy McDonald is definitely one of London's most interesting inhabitants. I would also vote for the guy who usually comes out to all the summer festivals wearing sequinned shorts and matching shirt that he made himself.

EVILFLU said...

I'm so glad you pointed out that Roy was cool and not in fact a scary father time because now I'm not afraid of him and one day I might even work up enough courage to say hi. Quite a remarkable guy with a very interesting life!

I am still afraid of the town crier though :/