Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wonders Never Cease

So it's a pretty embarrassing blotch in my otherwise perfect life, but I share a birthday with Mel Gibson.

However, this minor tragedy is alleviated by also sharing a birthday with:
  • Sergio Fucking Leone
  • John Paul Fucking Jones
  • J.R.R. Fucking Tolkein
And I just found this out today, but also with:
You know? From The Wonder Years?

Wait, let's zoom out on that Google image search ...

Holy crap! Winnie Cooper got hot!

Maybe if I send enough creepy letters and Wonder Years fan fiction, she'll, you know, be with me.




P.S. SHOUT OUTS to Fragileheart and Lauren Blonde because they talked about birthdays on Twitter and made me write this.

P.P.S. It's not my birthday today. I just think about it a lot because I am terrified of turning 30.

P.P.P.S. Danica McKellar is actually an awesome person, who now writes books encouraging young girls to get into mathematics. So she's got brains and heart in addition to good looks.

Here's proof!



carissajaded said...

Well happy not turning 30 just yet day to you! geez how i loved the wonder years. heck, i love fred savage... heck id probably even take winnie cooper if shed have me! haha

carissajaded said...

Well happy not turning 30 just yet day to you! geez how i loved the wonder years. heck, i love fred savage... heck id probably even take winnie cooper if shed have me! haha

shine said...

When Winnie was on that episode or two of HIMYM, I was so excited!

I don't wanna turn 30 either. Could we just band together and skip it?

Jay Ferris said...

Correction: Winnie Cooper was always hot.

Also, I turn 30 in t-minus 13 days. Hold me.

Rick Bman said...

I have a year and a half before I turn 30 so go me. However, I am already going bald, so whatever.

I personally get so share my birthday with Natalie Portman. Same day and year. It would be nice if she would come celebrate with me but apparently she is busy making movies or something.

Phronk said...

Carissa: Let's work together to ruin her marriage.

Carissa: Let's work together to ruin her marriage.

Shine: OMG she was on HIMYM?? I need to hurry and get caught up (just starting season 2 now).

Jay: LOL. Also, ew.

Rick: So THAT's why you wear the hat. I was bald in my mid-20s. And I found my first grey LEG HAIR the other day. Jesus.

Shine, Jay, & Rick: Shit you guys, let's just all agree that 30 doesn't exist. Time is only a human construct right? RIGHT? IT CAN'T SEE YOU IF YOU DON'T LOOK IT IN THE EYE RIGHT?!

Yvonne said...

She's also the McKellar in one of those math theorems published. Yup, she's a published academic too - look her up on any math database!

PhD I think if I'm not mistaken.

Phronk said...

Wait a minute, I have seen her in HIMYM! I didn't even recognize her. Weeeird.

Von: Oh wow. According to Wikipedia she published the paper as an undergrad, but still, having a theorem named after her is amazing. If I put out a personal ad, it'll have to say "must be named in mathematical theorem(s)"

carissajaded said...

haha i double posted. your response just cracked my ass up.

EVILFLU said...

Look on the bright side, at least you don't share you birthday with these people:

Michael Bolton - Because I know how big of a fan you truly are ;)

Verne Troyer "Mini Me" - Who is really super creepy (but his birthday is pretty close to yours...)

Jordan Knight from NKOTB - I share a birthday with him. He's mean.

That kid that ruined the Home Alone movies by starring in that awful third movie - ohhh wait, you actually do share a birthday with him. Sucks to be you I guess :/

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's Winnie Cooper?!! Amazing. Any pics like this of Kevin?

Rick Bman said...

Oh yeah, that is definitely why I wear the hat. Well that and because it just makes me look oh, so suave. yeah.

I'm all for just ignoring 30. I will refuse to acknowledge the existence of 30.

I remember her on HIMYM. Of course I didn't recognize her at first, it was one of those "Where do I know her from?" moments.

tornwordo said...

Cute post. She was always out of his league.

Jennifer said...

What's with you people hatin' on 30? I'm sorta looking forward to heading into MILF territory. Haha.

TS said...

Winnie was ALWAYS hot.

But I think she should get the bangs back.

D said...

If its any consolation to you young turks, turning 30 does indeed suck the high hard one.
However, turning 40 isn't so bad. So far, I like my 40s a LOT MORE than my 30s.

Okay, back to the reason I commented here: a picture of my lovely wonderful wife of 10 years:


who does bear some resemblance to Ms Winnie, no? And yes, the ugly guy on the left is the old fart in question.

D said...

Okay, two more things:
1) Phronk you play Fallout 3 on XBox 360? I finally broke down and bought a 360 about two weeks ago. Sold my Wii that we NEVER used. I bought Fallout 3 when I bought the console. I have put in about 80 hours on that damn game since I bought it. The other game I bought when I got the 360? Baseball '09. Haven't touched it yet. I now roam the Wasteland with my best friend Fawkes and lay waste to everything, good or bad. I haven't died once since I've had him as a wingman. Is that cheating? I'm absolutely no good at picking locks. My bobby pins always break, and I never have any. Dropping a grenade on a lock box doesn't do any good, either. what a rip off.

2) So, everyone, google 'birthdays' and your birthdate. Found out who I share a birthday with, November 25:
Jenna Bush, 1981. How proud I am. Not.
Christina Applegate, 1971.
Amy Grant, 1960. Shit she's old.
John F Kennedy Jr. John Larroquette, Joe DiMaggio and Gloria Steinem.

Oh, was the game to find someone who shares the exact date and year? Then I got nothing interesting.

Phronk said...

EVILFLU: Hahahaha, SO MEAN. I left that kid off this post on purpose so nobody would know the horrible secret. Thanks. Thanks a lot. :`(

angryredhead: http://sticky.queerclick.com/images/uploads/wonder%20years%20bloke.jpg

Rick: Excellent. 30 officially does not exist.

Torn: Haha, that is true. Especially with his giant mole. Wait...that was just in Austin Powers.

Jen: You've already shown that you don't need to turn 30 to be a MILF. And why don't DILFs ever get credit?

Kris: No yeah, you guys are right, she was the hottest 12 year old ever.

Donald: I definitely see the resemblance with your lovely wife! You should go as Fred Savage for Halloween. :)

I love Fallout 3! I went with Fawkes near the end too, and yeah, got pretty easy. I just got the Point Lookout expansion, which is lots of fun so far.

John F. Kennedy...that's gotta be pretty cool. And Kelly Bundy?? You're in good company.

Jennifer said...

DILFs don't get any mention because teenage girls don't have problems crushing on their friend's dads. American Beauty anyone?

Yvonne said...

I don't have any offspring to be MILFy, but I will officially be a cougar next year.

Yeah. Take that. I think I'm going to commission a latex catsuit for the occasion.

krista zee said...

LOL @ Winnie COoper

Raymi Lauren said...

winnie is a real life math genius. it's true google it.