Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puaj! More PWTIC Publicity

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that my other blog, Putting Weird Things in Coffee (which is about putting weird things in coffee) has gotten some more publicity.

This brief article appeared in an actual physical newspaper in Argentina called Clarin. Er, Clarín. I guess this is a big deal, because according to Wikipedia, it's Argentina's largest newspaper.

Kinda similar to the Macleans article, except it actually mentions the blog's URL.

By the way, that article is the result of like 3 pages of questions and answers.

For an article that actually used my brilliant Q&A skills, check out City Pages' article on Putting Carr Valley Cheese in Coffee. Monica, the reporter who interviewed yours truly, actually sent me the cheese to try, which I appreciate so much. The results of the cheese experiments are being rolled out on PWTIC itself.

Also, I'm trying to figure out how to pronounce PWTIC. Since it is spelled similar to "pwned", which is pronounced like "boned" with a P (or just "owned" if you're a snobby leetspeak purist), I figure PWTIC is said like "po-tick". "Pwuh-tick" is kinda funnier though. I dunno.


Anonymous said...

Dude that's awesome!!!
Congrats once again.

I'm hoping to be featured in Playboy or Modern Drunkard magazine myself.

Aaron said...

Good job writing about obscure stuff!!! Pays off eh! You're famous!

I'm liking the Pwuh-tick. Sounds like neanderthal for poetic.

Stephanie said...

I hear "Pwi-Tick" (almost sounds like poetic but rhymes with Riddik - from the movie Pitch Black). Just a thought :)

Forest City Fashionista said...

Yay! More publicity, and in Argentina no less...I would guess they are big coffee drinkers there so perhaps your blog will develop it's own cult following. I agree with Aaron, I think Pwhuh-Tic, is close enough to poetic it works

April said...

Definitely Pwuh-tick.

Hey Lady! said...

Congrats man! It's awesome to see PWTIC get some press. But I still say is better...

(also my word verification to comment is also "beter", ironic, huh?).