Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You know how outdated media companies could combat piracy? By seeding file sharing sites with files that have spoilers in the file names. I'd be reluctant to try searching an illicit download site if I'm likely to come across Harry_Potter_6(DVDRiP)_SNAPEKILLSDUMBLEDORE.avi or SurvivorS01E11_Richard_Wins.XviD or Six_Feet_Under_hey_guess_what_everyone_dies.mov.

I don't want to encourage them, but it's not like dying industries read blogs or are capable of trying anything creative.

This new Apple TV, however, is at least a step toward aligning media distribution with this newfangled "internet" thing. There is a sweet spot where it becomes worth paying money to avoid the hassle of searching for something that is otherwise free. At $99 for a device that can instantly dish out 99¢ TV episodes, that sweet spot's hit, at least for me. I'd rather just pay my loonie than take the time to hunt an episode down across multiple sites, download it into submission, then drag it back to the device I consume it on. Sometimes it's better to just order a burger instead of killing your own cow, y'know?

Plus, if I can cancel my cable subscription, it's a net gain.

By the way, I have a full time job now, so all my blog posts will either be really short, or rambling nonsense that randomly goes nowhere, fueled by sleep deprivation and the crushing weight of adulthood.

So, how about baklava eh?


Jennifer said...

Damn you Phronk, I haven't finished reading Harry Potter yet.

Hey Lady! said...

I have a media center PC and it's awesome, but sometimes does take a really long time to find a good copy of a certain show (that isn't dubbed in French). I can see how Apple has created an simplified MUCH easier set up that looks great. The problem I can't get past is that it isn't a dollar and you've bought the tv episode, you've rented it for a dollar. If you want to watch it again, you've got to pay another dollar. To me, thats ridiculous. It'd be cheaper to buy the DVD on sale at Best Buy, then I can watch it as many times as I want.

Phronk said...

Jen, I really hope you're lying or I'd feel terrible.

Mostly because it sucks that you're living under a rock.

Hey Lady! Yah I have my computer easily streaming to any of several devices connected to my TV. It does sometimes take a while to find and download something though. Good point about Apple TV vs DVDs; nowadays, it's not much more than a dollar an episode to get a permanent copy on DVD. If I do get an Apple TV, it'll mostly be for shows I'd never buy on DVD, and really want to see the night they come out (e.g., reality shows, The Daily Show). That's all I use cable TV for right now.

Jennifer said...

I wish I were lying. Halfway through Half-Blood Prince at the moment. I aldready knew Dumble kicks it, so there's that.

I am aware that I am the last person on Earth to read it. I was just too cheap to buy them in hardcover, so I waited until Costco had the paperback set.

Jennifer said...
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Phronk said...

Well shit, I apologize.

I tried to pick obvious spoilers so this wouldn't happen. I guess I shouldn't mention Rosebud or who Luke's father is.

Aahk, that sounded snarky. I'm sorry for reals!

Jennifer said...

Meh, what can you do. I PVR everything, so I can barely get anything watched before someone somewhere says something.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Well, that job had better be well-paying and life-fulfilling if it's going to cause you to skimp on the blog posts! You know we count on your devastating sarcasm and mind-boggling insights to get us through our dreary lives.

Greg said...

Damn you Phronk, I haven't finished reading Harry Potter yet either.

Also, no I don't know. Have you actually killed your own cows? OMGOMGOMG

Hey Lady! said...

I have accidentally spoiled "Twilight", "Psycho", "King Kong", "The X Files" and probably countless other things because I made the same assumption you did... DOESN'T EVERYONE KNOW THIS?!?!

There should be an expiration date, like after a certain period of time, it's common knowledge and put on all the news channels as well as Twitter and facebook.

Jennifer said...

Whattya know. Snape DOES kill Dumbledore. What a dick.